Pan feature not working properly

I have my pan cam installed on the wall right next to my front door. I set the pan feature in hopes it would remain forward facing (it would catch the reflection off our glass screen door and turn the wrong way, towards the door/wall instead of the street) it worked for a day but now it seems to be stuck on the wrong pan location, one I never set ( looking directly behind it at the wall). Obviously this is a useless location for it to film so it is very tideous. I noticed that when I turn the pan feature off it doesn’t try to revert back to the wall like it does when the feature is on. I deleted and reset all the pan location settings, made sure my firmware was up to date, and even reset the camera as a whole. Issue persists. Please help. Thanks!

Do you have a detection zone set? If so, that will override the pan scan feature.

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My detection zone is set to “off”

Let’s see if I understand: you have detection zone off and you have pan scan enabled with a single waypoint. But the camera does not stay on that waypoint?

If that’s the case, it sound like you may need to file a support request via the support link at the top right of this page, or even better, from within the Account section of the app.

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