Pan Cam weatherproof outdoor mount


I have been using Wyze Pan for the last 2 years in Maryland along the Chesapeake bay. Winter and summer, thunderstorms and snow storms. I bought a large square jar mounted a piece of wood on the inside of the lid and attached the wise pan to the wood. Drilled a hole large enough to pass cord through and put small amount of caulk around the whole. I mounted the jar with lid down. Works great. Two minor problems distortion when cam looks at the corners but I positioned corners at directions that I don’t care if I don’t see them. Also it does not work at night the infer-red lights bounce off the inside surface of the jar and fill the jar with light so all you see is jar.


You can get around the night time IR lights by turning them off in the app and installing a cheap IR emitter. I don’t have my outdoor cameras in a jar since they’ve been fine with just a camera dome over top of them, but I do use a $14 external IR emitter from Amazon because it lights up the area much more than the built in ones. It has a photocell and turns on automatically when it’s dark enough.


I have 3 cams (v2) that I use, but not in a glass jar. I have them in a housing found on Amazon that apparently keeps them nice & dry. I have been thinking about getting an IR floodlamp bulb that only turns on after dark to keep the whole area illuminated. Which IR emitter did you get on Amazon?


Emperor3, I use this one that runs off a 12v power supply. It comes on at dusk to dawn. This particular one didn’t come with a power supply, but I had a bunch of them lying around.


Would be curious to see what that looks like if you have any pics. I’ve been using an old plastic blueberry container I cut up, so it provides some protection and also has some holes for air flow. works good but not ideal