Pan cam rotates to far stop and refuses to stay on station

I have two pan cams that won’t come off the far clockwise stop.

They reset by doing the pan both directions, stop momentarily at the center location.

Then the rotate hard clockwise. I can pan them to another location, the motors run both ways.

but after staying on that station, they go back to the hard clockwise stop. Takes about 30 seconds.

I have read that when you have a detect area set, you can pan off the area and observe somewhere else, but the camera will reset back to the location the camera was watching when you set the area.

I’ve reset with the factory reset both several times, behavior persists. Is there anything else I can try? Any way to get replacements?

I read about the wire twisted off with relation to my problem, but I don’t think this is a wire / sensor problem, since the motion seems to be okay.

That’s right.
Do you hsve a detection set?
Do you have a waypoint set in Pan Scan settings, under motor control?

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It’s been two days, are you still looking?

I am a new Pan Cam user. I bought the Pan thinking I needed a panning camera, I don’t. I would like to lock it in place. I would like to set Detect Area but I cannot locate this in the app. Where is it?

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You’re asking two questions but they can be related.
To lock it in place just physically point it where you want it, turn off Pan Scan and don’t move the camera in the app or in the Detection Zone settings.
To set a Detection Zone, go into the camera settings, tap Detection Settings > Detection Zone and turn it on.
You can also change to position of the camera in the Detection Zone settings.