Pan cam rotates by itself


My pan cam had been working fine for days. At one point I had it rotating and time lapse recording and all seemed to work.
I’ve since moved it so it would record the view of what i wanted most of the time without rotating.
Now it started rotating by itself.
I will rotate it via software about 1/4 turn. Decide to leave it there. Shortly thereafter it rotates back. I’m near enough that I can hear it rotate, but it is relatively inaccessible to me.
I’ve tried a software reset to no avail.
If I rotate it via software shouldn’t it stay there?


Check that you don’t have Pan Scan enabled.


Pan scan is disabled.,
Again - If I rotate it via software shouldn’t it stay there?


After about 5 software power-offs and 3 restart devices the “self rotation” has stopped.
But then it failed to recognize the SD card and that was only fixed by rebooting my Android phone. ON/off cycling and restart device did not work.


After you pan using the app, Does it move back by itself and return to the same previous spot each time or a different spot?


It moved to the same spot, roughly spot #2 on the “default” settings.


Maybe a mod can help, but it might be the detection zone, i can say for my pan, i have the detection zone set to one spot in the yard, i have pan scan and motion tracking both turned off, i can manually pan using the app to look at another area in the yard, after a few sections it will go back to the detection zone spot each time.


That’s what I was also going to say. If you have a detection zone set, after about 15 seconds of no motion it will return to the spot that was set.

“The Motion Detection Zone will only be active when the camera is in the position you selected when you set the Motion Detection Zone. If you (i) manually move the camera away from the Motion Detection Zone OR (ii) if the camera moves away from the Motion Detection Zone following motion when Motion Tracking is turned on, after 15 seconds of inactivity (no motion detected) the camera will automatically return to the position you selected when you set the Motion Detection Zone, and will reinstate the Motion Detection Zone.”


No detections zones set. Like I wrote after numerous reboots and power cycles the camera stopped doing it.


Apologies if this has been covered in previous posts but my question falls in line with this post. Can you completely disable any rotating on the Pan Cam? Mine mysteriously rotates at times which can cause the camera to fall over. Of course this happens when I won’t be home for quite a while which means I’d really like to see what’s going on in my house.

If there is no ‘lock’ feature I’ll go through the troubleshooting steps listed above.

Waze On my friends


@bjesp75 I don’t think you can completely disable it. I have mine set with just one waypoint and a detection zone, both the same spot, so it always stay there unless I pan it manually (no pan scan or motion tracking on). If it happens to power cycle, however, it is going to go through the full rotation of 180 in one direction and 180 in the other. Could yours be power cycling? Do you have motion tracking on?


Ah, yes, the possessed Pan Cam. I had the same issue.

Pull out the SD card, plop it in a USB SD card adapter and perform a “scan and fix” with your home PC. Mine are getting their file systems corrupted at least once per week.


I have the same problem. It started yesterday, no changes were made to setup, no power fails, etc… Camera view is in one corner of the room. Suddenly BY ITSELF camera moving to another corner of the room and then back to the original corner. Looks like camera scanning the room. I sent a message to Wyze Support.


Reads like it got of the shelf and went to the corner :smile: