Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

Every other big player charges a fixed amount for (virtually) no limitations on recording motion and usually adds tiers for longer retention and 24/7.

See for example:
(Not sure if I am allowed to post links to a competitor, if not I apologize)

Of course I believe Wyze should and will offer this premium options as an extra, without removing the current free option.

Hi WyzeGwendolyn. Thanks for Wyze. I think, me at least, what we’re asking for is an adjustable recording length for SD storage. That is a slider (only visible when SD is selected) that went from 12 to 20 secs. I’m ok with the 5 min cool down, but that could be a slider too?
Would be awesome

How about providing a way for us to choose uploading the video to 3rd party cloud?

Does Wyze know if there will be a paid subscription plan coming out soon?

When the topic tag changes from “in-development”, to “testing”, then it will be closer to being implemented.


ok thanks

I have a lot of traffic on my steet so every time a car goes by my wyze cam is in cooldown for 5 minutes. This isn’t very secure. I have only person detection on for my notifications so i don’t get a notification when the cars go by but if the traffic keeps me in a cooldown I will never get the notifications when someone actually come in my yard and possibly when they leave which means I would have to search the entire days worth of video recording on my sd card to see if anyone was on my property. This needs a solution now!


I’ve installed numerous security camera systems and the most important aspect is video storage, length and availability of the videos. If you use the cloud and your wifi goes down your storage is useless. Then again if your power is out so are your Wyze cams unless you have them on UPS. I have sd cards in all my cams and use overlapping FOV. Sure that means a few cams more than usual but I also utilize the sound capability to set them off. I miss very little action and there’s usually enough info from two cams to nail down the time and which camera to review the video on. I have one cam that’ll pick up a vehicle but by clip standards, not stay on long enough to get the vehicle. That’s when I check the time and drill down to that time on the clip, remember use big sd chips. No big deal and it works. Wyze cams are perfect for security providing they’re mounted out of the way. A local network storage solution would be ideal but until then I’m happy with the results.

Hello, I love my Wyze Pan Camera so far and only thing I wish it had is an adjustable cool down time for motion detection. Currently it’s set at 5 minutes and I feel it might miss something and I’ll never know. I do have an SD card installed but feel this feature would still be nice. Thanks!

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The use of a Wyze Cam as a security device is severely limited by the 5 minute cooldown or pause functionality. In my testing, the motion event that triggers a 12 second recording many times is not enough to identify the person/person’s that triggered the event. Yes, I realize that I could refer to the video footage on the SD card but in the event of a robbery the camera will most likely be stolen to prevent identifying video.
Suggestion, in my opinion, the default/included 14 days of Cloud saved events is pretty much worthless - for security purposes. I understand the load on your storage infrastructure if many more events were allowed to be stored but why not provide an option of say 12-24 hours of recorded events (for Cloud). It would be MUCH more useful, for security purposes, if a one (1) minute cooldown or pause would be allowed. The more events uploaded the better - for security purposes.


Agreed. And record motion until motion stops. Like Ring does. I’d pay an annual subscription for that. Case in point, while on vacation, I got a motion alert of a car pulling into my driveway late at night. The 12 seconds ran out as soon as the car door opened so I could not see who it was. Luckily I have other cameras connected to an NVR, so I figured it out. But I think the Wyze cameras are better than the others I already have. Other option would be making RTSP or ONVIF part of the standard firmware build so I can use my NVR.


@bmwisme, please keep in mind that current Wyze products aren’t marketed, or sold as security devices. They are smart devices. Please see sections 3b and 3c of the Terms and Conditions.

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Sorry, that makes no sense. A “smart” device is an electronic gadget that is able to connect, share and interact with its user and other smart devices. The term “smart” doesn’t describe the intent of a design.

I agree that Wyze doesn’t specifically market this camera as a security device just as it doesn’t market it as a baby monitor for example. In my opinion, security is a natural use type especially when things like motion and sound detection are integral. With that said, it is what it is - a cheap camera that can be used for various purposes. A couple of simple changes may make it a better device for security purposes.


Agreed! An IP camera is by nature a surveillance/security device. It’s not portable so you are not using it for vacation photos and family reunions. If it was just a smart device to trigger things, then just use a motion sensor. Maybe it would make more sense to say this should not be used as the primary security system, but may be used to augment an existing system. But let’s face facts - people are buying these to keep an eye on their home, property and loved ones. That’s more than just a smart device. :blush::wink:

And by the way, from my experience, the Wyze cameras perform as well, if not better than, the Foscam, TRENDnet, Ring and Nest cameras I have owned. They certain have better picture quality, mounting options and reliability. Plus Alexa integration!

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I like where you are going here, but I cant keep out of this lol

as a mechanic you have a lot of tools to work on a car…and those tools have specific purposes…but when a bolt or nut wont come out…EVERY OBJECT in your garage becomes a hammer :rofl:

necessity is the mother of creation and in that moment Gestalt psychology and functional fixedness don’t apply.

but if Wyze were to include the word security with anything to do with these cameras, a level of liability then falls on the camera. maybe one day they will make a true “security camera” but until then…lets rebel on and do what we do :sunglasses:
( insert james dean picture here)

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Which is why tool companies hate when I try to warranty the screwdriver that was obviously used as a chisel or pry-bar


Let me start out by saying that I love these cameras. The footprint/scaleability/mounting capabilities/price point… you just can’t beat the machine you have on the market. I just don’t love the 12 sec/5 min duty cycle for cloud storage. I used to use the Manything app for iPhone to monitor motion but old phones are far less reliable than the cameras I bought from you and they can’t see in the freaking dark like yours can. If you could come in a bit above Manything cloud storage on a subscription basis id be in it yesterday


Why not provide a way so that the camera can upload the videos directly to the owners AWS S3 bucket, provide configuration on cycle time, recording time, and that way the owner pays for his own storage and transfer costs. Just an idea that would make some of us very happy.


Would it be possible to use our own cloud storage on AWS or likewise? I think that this would allow both GDPR data concerns concerns about moving data outside the EU. Additionally, I would prefer to control and own my personal video recordings.


Welcome to the community, @Catch1Fun. I believe this #wishlist topic may interest you. :slight_smile:

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