Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

And that’s fine, I was agreeing with you. I’ve just read too many ‘suggestions’ by others changing, and charging for, what Wyze is already providing.

Personally, I too could do with 7 days, but I’m not going to suggest they cut it. Not that you did, just agreeing. I like my 12 sec clips, because longer event videos mean the people cutting across my property will be gone before it finishes and ships it up to the cloud. Same with people knocking on my door. 12 sec is enough to see I need to open live stream and speak to them. If people want to pay for more, fine, just don’t change what works.

Yeah. I’m not suggesting they cut it, but I think they would gain most benefit out of additinal features.

seriously… you are right. people are like “take my money” wyze has succeeded because of the cheap price and no hidden fees. if they started charging for everything that makes wyze great people would stop purchasing wyze products. anyways, wyze is making money… in basically a year they have gone from like 7 employees to a whole staff. they need to stick with their current business model because it is working.

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Yes, I even proposed a solution to the 5-minute cool-down that costs Wyze only development time and it currently has a whopping 4 votes. Everything needed is already on the camera and the cloud becomes a backup for those worrying about someone stealing cameras, which really isn’t happening, or someone cutting the Internet cable. If people want to pump all their video up to the cloud, then great, make Wyze some money. I just don’t think the current base of users should subsidize it. People bought these cameras for the advertised features. Wyze just needs to make their flagship product a little more solid and remove as many weak links as possible. :+1:


6 now :wink:


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I’m new here. But I will say I feel a bit duped. I understood the 12 second clip limitation, and 14 days storage. It took me coming to the forums though to find out about this 5 minute cooldown.

I’m disappointed to say the least. This cooldown period should be made much more prominent in your advertising, otherwise I do feel like you are duping customers through omission of information.

I don’t get what all the hoopla is about. Even the MOD said, “(using a microSD card for local storage bypasses these recording limitations).” I just purchased my first can and a 32gb card… I have constant record on and can view ALL recorded content from the app.
I assume when motion is detected it remains recording untill it stops triggering?
So why not go buy a cheap 5$ 32Gb MicroSD? Or direct from them for $10.

Cam 19.99 + 9.99 is still less than most cameras like nest where you pay monthly.

Then the RTSP stream, plenty of free security camera softwares out there like zonminder you can use to stream and record to your own server. Which would probably run more than buying SD cards.

These are perfect for the DIYers!

It would be great if I could set the length of video clip to record when motion is detected.

I travel a lot and use the cam to monitor my home for security, water leaks and other potential events. When I travel, I’d like the camera to record longer into the cloud, because if the camera is stolen, 12 seconds (as others have pointed out) might not be long enough to identify the intruders.

I understand the issues of cloud storage and the impact on networking, storage, security and ultimately cost. At a high level, I’d like the camera to be ‘smart’ enough to upload only when it has to. For example, if it detects a motion event, then upload the 10 seconds prior to the event and stay continuously recording for (configurable?) 10 minutes until no motion for (configurable) 5 minutes after that.
This solution would only be activated when motion detection is turned on. Perhaps with a ‘Vacation Mode’. It would only have uploads under these conditions thus minimizing storage and upload constraints. I’d even pay for when this solution is being utilized if it’s reasonable (Nest is about 5$month/camera which I think is high but it’s continuous uploading/storage).

Got the camera / starter pack this week. For the money, fantasic. Read all the above threads and came to the conclusion that this $25 camera system cannot act like a professional $$$$ system. I am happy with what I got for what I paid.

Adding local NAS storage is a great idea though.

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Apparently, there’s a workaround for the garage person. Latest Beta firmware has person detection, and I have personally tried with my garage and I myself test wandering around vs running fast into the door. 4 of 6 tries, the events were saved with a person detected.

Didn’t that hurt? :slight_smile:


Just testing, didn’t really hit the door. Otherwise my face would be bloody and I’ll have to sue HomeDepot for selling strong/hardness door!

No offense to those that want this, but unless it’s a whole house security plan (windows, doors, etc…like ADT or Protect America) I refuse to pay for a subscription. In today’s world everyone…EVERYONE wants their grubby little hands into your bank account monthly…enough of this madness.

As an alternative, which Wyze appears to be working on…let me have a hidden HD in the house the cameras save to, my own personal cloud so Wyze does not need to offer severs with a paid subscription.

I would certainly be interested in a paid plan that allows for motion alerts to go longer than 12 seconds, For example, I am using my Wyze cam to monitor my driveway since neighborhood kids keep breaking into cars. I’d want the stored video to capture as much as possible, and not cut off just as they turn and face the camera. :wink:

Paying for a feature is a slippery slope and something I would like to avoid. paying for a shorter cool down seems like a bad idea. Why not make it an option in the app, An option of either 14 days free storage with a 5 min cool down OR x amount of free storage space with programmable cool downs. Then they could add the option to upgrade space for a monthly subscription. This would allow them to make money while bringing the newest feature to long time supporters who chose Wyze solely for the lack of money subscriptions.

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thats not an issue if you are using an SD card…

Understood, but since it’s an outside camera, I’d have no access if it’s stolen, damaged or the cord is cut. Mounted on my garage to watch my driveway. We have neighborhood kids vandalizing cars. If anything happens, I want the data in the cloud, not local in the device. And hey, I’m even willing to pay for that :wink:

I can understand. but because of the pricing structure of the cloud services used, the cost isn’t linear and thus not currently an option for Wyze. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for this one anytime soon :pensive: