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This feature is under consideration but is definitely not something that we’d rush into. Currently, our cloud storage includes 12 second alert videos with a 5 minute cooldown period (using a microSD card for local storage bypasses these recording limitations). We can’t just adjust how long videos are stored to add length to stored videos because the pricing structure isn’t linear. Some people have requested that we add an optional subscription service that WOULD NOT remove the current functionality but would allow people to use more storage space (adding to video lengths and/or removing or reducing the cooldown period).



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I would like to see a paid option that allows for a shorter cool down period than today’s five minutes.

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Absolutely. Currently we get a 12 second clip, five minute cool down, then if there is still motion another 12 second clip.

I know from past posts longer clips are not really an option and neither is continuous cloud recording. So my request is to consider a paid feature that would let us have a lower cool down period so that we can get more 12 second clips than we can now when there is continuous motion. Paid since it would likely increase your bandwidth and storage costs.

A use case is a camera that picks up a driveway and porch. Right now a car pulls up and trips the motion (car itself or lights from the car), then someone comes up to my door but the motion alerts completely missed capturing the person and I am left to rely 100% on the SD card working.

Having a paid option so that we could get a 12 second clip with 15-30 second of cool down drastically increases the chance of me seeing the person approaching my property.


Got it. will monitor this request for consideration.


As an interim/in-between option, it’d be useful to have the option to have more frequent notifications without cloud storage if an SD card is present. Bonus points if the notification sends us to that point in the SD “Playback” timeline.

There’s really two issues here:

  1. The cooldown causes the customer to not be aware that there was new motion.
  2. The amount of cloud data stored needs to be necessarily limited to keep Wyze’s costs down.

Given that Wyze has given us the ability to have more extensive recordings on SD without additional cost to Wyze, and already implemented an easy mechanism for reviewing them remotely, it seems sensible to leverage the SD for enhanced performance.


This feature, for me at least, would be huge. No offense, but I can’t seriously consider this as a security device as is. Sure I can put a SD card in and record continuously, but what happens if the camera is stolen or completely destroyed? I get 13 seconds that may or may not show me anything of value. I would gladly pay a subscription to get rid of the cool down period for cloud storage.,.heck I pay Ring a lot of money for this exact feature, Only difference is I paid $150+ for the hardware rather than $25. So, I hope you add this functionality at some point, until then I’ll just be watching from the bleachers.


Why not let people choose free options! I feel like advertising the 14day storage is a scam that the internet has not figured out yet.

You are only really giving us less than 1hr a day. Its actually less than what I even listed because the 12second time is included is not included in the cool down.

Give people the option to pick equal recording times then. These are just some examples but you can allot the same server space. 14days is useless anyway.

14 days - 12 seconds recording with 5min cool down = 57.6mins a day = 806mins total max
7days - 24 seconds recording with 5min cool down = 115mins a day = 806mins total max
2days - etc = I don’t feel like calculating it
24hrs - All motion events recorded up to 12hrs with no cool down = less than your 14days anyway.

I just received these cameras and having 14days recording is useless for me and most I would think. My Logitech circle has only 24hrs recording but it continuously records all motion with no cool down. I can guarantee its recorded less than 12hrs anyway. Its far more useful with no 5min cool down and anything that happens within 24hrs you download. The app is far easier to navigate but that’s a whole other problem you have.