Outdoor Wyze Pan Cam with Ethernet port option?



I love the options this company has and the features they offer at such a high value price point. However, I want a pan/tilt camera that is rated for the outdoors where proactive security can actually make a difference. A stationary camera will not work well for my situation as I would have to install multiple stationary cameras next to each other which I do not want to do. I am not interested in watching a criminal who has already broken into my house on the indoor rated Wyze Cam Pan. Also, I am not interested in watching my pets/kids/spouse inside the house just to see what they are up to; I want a pan/tilt camera for security outside. I want to get notification that someone is outside and have the option to confront them in hopes of stopping them in their tracks. Also, none of these cameras have a wired Ethernet port option but instead only Wi-Fi. This means drowning my house with multiple Wi-Fi repeaters which can also slow down network connections. Can you PLEASE develop an outdoor rated pan/tilt camera with an Ethernet port option?


I’ve recorded your request in Wyze’s feature request tracker. Yours is actually the first request for an ethernet connected outdoor camera, so I really doubt that is ever going to happen. I’m also pretty sure that if an outdoor camera is offered, it is not going to be PTZ, at least at first.


For me the issue is not needing the Ethernet for communication but most house with outdoor cam have probably have poe hardwired in their house already. Most likely because most them do not like to mess around with battery outdoor cam.
Poe can transfer the constant power to those cams reliability even in large houses.
Conversely I do not believe USB cable can send power to the cam above 25ft (give or take), which is not the avg house size, even if you start from the middle of the house stretching outward.


I also want an ethernet port option because of communication issues between the camera and my router. I have solid masonry on the exterior of my house and my router is in the center of the house. The wifi signal is just not strong enough to effectively reach the camera and I do not want to install wifi repeaters as those can cause other issues that I would rather not get into.