Outdoor Wyze camera

How will the battery life be affected when watching the outdoor Wyze camera through the app to check on things?

Watching the live stream on the camera drains the battery quicker. They recommend you just watch the recorded events for the best battery performance. Basically, the unit stays in very low power until PIR detection which is why the battery can last so long. But if you are constantly watching the live stream it causes it to run in full power which will drain it.

But it IS possible tho, right? I didn’t catch that in the live stream.

Yes, you can live stream through the phone app. You can do all the same features as the v2, including time lapse, voice, sound, etc.

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it would be cool if they made add on batteries or swappable batteries in the future. Since some of us may mount the camera in a hard to reach place, it would be goo do just swap out the batteries.

I’m sure once it’s out, folks will be very creative on how to do

Right on!

My battery life lasted 6 months, in which I had to grab my ladder and get the camera down to charge it. But it charged to full in about 3 hours and I put it back up. Sure, it’s kind of a pain, but I can handle doing it twice a year.


Hi Baddack, are you referring to the Wyze outdoor cam? I am assuming you were the one of the testers?

not really possible w/o disassembling and hacking

Yes, I was referring to the WCO. I was a part of the WCO beta test.

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Obviously you can view the camera through the app. Just like every other battery camera allows you to. But, these cameras are not designed for frequent viewing due to the battery drain. And whatever Wzye rates the battery life at, I can guarantee that it will be much less because that rating is based on never viewing through the camera or any motion detection activations, this is how all companies rate their camera’s battery life.

Until battery technology changes, we’re stuck with low battery life camera’s.

Unless you were a tester and currently have a WCO, your statement is meaningless.

I was easily getting 3+ months of battery and that was with at least a dozen recorded events and live viewing daily.

Enough of the WCO bashing, get in your hands on it and test it, then you can complain, until then, it’s all speculation.


My statement is not meaningless, because I’ve asked other companies how they came up with their stated battery life and what they told me was that the camera was in standby mode, so basically never viewed through or had a motion triggered event. Obviously each camera manufacture has come up with a different rating. I’m hoping the Wyze outdoor camera will be battery stingy, but I’m not holding my breath because they aren’t using any new battery technology that other manufactures use. The good thing is that Wyze has an opportunity to make a solar charging option for this camera, as others have done. This would make the camera more useful to many, especially when the camera is mounted up high and difficult to get to without a ladder, to remove and recharge the battery.