Outdoor Wyze Camera Starter Bundle $10 for Shipping...Seriously?!

And yet somehow the free shipping model works for a lot of businesses, where they end up making more revenue than without it.

An inexpensive product, isn’t inexpensive if the shipping fee is 1/5th the cost of the product. And there is poor customer relations for Wyze to require their selling partners (Amazon and Home Depot), to have the shipping cost included in the base price. This alone should tell you that Wyze is using deceptive marketing for pricing.

Your reasoning is actually pretty typical of someone who is not familiar with retail sales from the inside. I can understand where you are getting your impressions but I can also with a very high degree of certainty say you are mistaken.

Shipping is not ever free. Up to a point, but only a point, volume accounts for the ability to lower costs. When you see an offer of “free” shipping that is actually the deceptive practice.

In ALL cases the shipping costs are being rolled into the price of the item. Since you (and I) don’t have access to the actual cost of the items Wyze sells we can only guess at the actual margins.

But rest assured EVERYONE selling the items, Wyze, Amazon, and Home Depot are making a profit doing so. To do so their profit has to be sufficient to cover their costs in their entirety.

Commonly shipping costs are hidden or otherwise called for purposes of marketing. Amazon famously says their prime members receive “free” shipping. They don’t. In exchange for the monthly membership fee Amazon collects its Prime members pay a slightly lower price for qualifying items.

It’s the law of large numbers at work. For every prime member that buys something in a particular week there are a dozen that don’t. But Amazon still collects their fee from all of them.


One very strong reason why people buy Wyze is price. That would tell marketing that people will look at shipping as well. At 20% to ship a relatively small and light product at the introductory level to strengthen loyalty is going to pick up a lot of noise. And remember sales tax. Instead, cut the shipping in have and hide it in the price… make it free shipping. No ones fooled with free shipping but it does make the math easier. In reporting the tax, break out the cost for shipping. Now, lets look at the idea of shipping just one camera with one base. Extra cameras later. Will this turn people on or off? No pun. It is my experience not to turn people off during early release. Personally, I was prepared to buy one in spite of the limit to the number of cameras (just one) until I saw the final price tag including tax . I’m sticking with the bird houses I have now. Oh… I also note someone in the organization mentioned a surprise when a puppy is bought? Please, lets not play these games.

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The “shipping” costs of anything always include their close associate “handling” even when not explicitly called out. The only one playing games as you say are those retailers that hide their shipping and handling costs from the consumer.

To your point, obviously the shipping costs are not perceived as an issue by the overwhelming majority of the customers. Since Wyze has sustained well above average growth over the last two years. But hey, if you feel it’s egregious then by all means vote with your wallet and don’t buy the product.

If enough other customers feel the way you do they will also vote with their wallets and Wyze will no doubt perceive the response and adjust accordingly. It’s how retail sales and marketing work. At least in a primarily capitalist system.

That is the “proof” if you will, of your theory. If you are correct the practice will have a significant negative impact on sales and public relations and perceptions. If you are incorrect the practice will continue unabated as it has for the 2 plus years I have been a consumer of Wyze’s products.

I have no horse in the race as the saying goes. Therefor nothing to gain by “playing games” as you say.


While you need to include sales tax in the final cost of any product. You cannot blame Wyze or any other retailer for that. No company makes money on the sales tax they are forced to collect. In fact, it COSTS them money!

Years ago, I had a small computer sales/repair company in Wisconsin. Because I delivered the PCs and installed them in my customer’s homes, I had to collect sales tax for the state, the county, sometimes a city and even a special taxing area for every sale. Because I had a small sales volume, I only had to write a quarterly check to the state. But, I had to account for every penny of sales made and every penny of tax collected broken down by state, county, city and special tax district.

So, I had to build into my sales prices a base profit margin, the cost of having the PCs shipped to me, my time to set up and test each PC, my time to deliver and install each PC and all of bookwork associated with each sale or repair.

My point here is stop complaining about having to pay shipping costs and deal with it or buy someone else’s products and complain to them.

(Boy, that felt good. :grin:)


Hello… and who might you be???
first paragraph… Show me where I blamed Wyze about sales tax? The intent was to show the impact of cost when you add it all up. Others made that observations. Please don’t go off the deep end when there’s no need.

Second Paragraph. Sales tax over internet is applicable if the selling entity has some sort of presence in the state the purchaser resides. So, in some cases you pay sales tax with Amazon. In some cased you do not. What was meant was to take into consideration sales tax when working out a final price. Again, I have no idea where you’re coming from although the picture you painted has nothing to do with internet selling channels.

Third paragraph… I used to be a sales engineer… then marketing… then system engineer… then my own business in industrial microcomputer sales and engineer. So?

Last paragraph… one of the best and most valuable tools marketing has is customer feedback. However, if marketing publicly shames feedback… then don’t expect much when the word gets out. Did you notice the number of surveys they send out requesting feedback?

"(Boy, that felt good. :-)) That felt good? Do you work for WYZE? You just attract feedback that WYZE needs and probably shut up a few more not willing to be criticized and you feel good?

Look, I’ve seen better marketing. What I experienced turned me off. I fed it back. You should not interfere with that process.


Believe it or not, when tucking the shipping cost into the price, more often than not, the buyer gets a better deal. Just a bit. Handling is a bit of a joke. If you’re not shipping anything out are you going to stop paying the shipper a salary? Of course not. The handling is actually the part of the overhead working into the expence of doing business. When people charge you for handling, it’s just a trick to make the selling price look better by lowering it a bit. Let’s look at playing games since that has struck a nerve with you. Who is being fooled with $9.99? Somewhere in the comments someone actually pointed that out. It’s $10.00 my friend, not $9. It’s an old play that quite frankly eats up more ink than it’s worth. Have you ever bough stock from China? Have you bought anything from China? I can buy a multi-meter from China and have it dropshipped to a customer in the US and that shipping cost is far less than what I would have to pay to have the same meter shipped from Orlando to New York. The Chinese, bless their little hearts, know the impact of shipping costs to the buyer and has worked out a deal with the USPS. That hurts US manufacturers who ship to you from some point in the US. So these “games” can be quite devastating.

On your second paragraph… why are you going into so much detail? This is an early release to past customers offering them some loyalty feedback by getting first crack. Actually, this is a neat way to get feedback on the product before you release it to the general public. When I did it, I offered an intensive… lower cost for a fixed period of time. Then I’d get the feedback, fix it, and then sell.

On your third paragraph… if enough people like you shoot down people like me, expect more people to shy away from making any comments lest they too be shot down. What you’re doing is a disservice to WYZE. Did you ever think of that? Are you protecting WYZE with this shootout or yourself? People used to defend Japanese car quality to the death because they bought one. To admit that there are quality issues with these cars was perceived by them to mean they exercise poor judgement, hence, they were stupid. In reality, this isn’t so at all, but a lot of people felt that way, until the Engine Control Unit decided that the accelerator trumped the brakes in Toyota cars. A lot of people complained. A lot of people like you countered. Turned out those people who dared to complain were right. I agree, Toyota cars are not WYZE cameras… I was simply making a point here about customer loyalty and how it effected some people who view criticism of the product as a personal attack.

I’ve had 45 years experience in sales, sales promotion, marketing (backed up with university courses), engineering and failure analysis. I often see startups making mistakes that could have been avoided. The feedback is intended for the seller to decide. It wasn’t meant for the other customer to shoot down because their feelings with customer loyalty was… infringed.

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I totally agree with you! Those here willing to accept a $10 shipping fee on a $50 purchase, that isn’t the weight of a brick, are exactly who Wyze is marketing to. I ended up purchasing the Outdoor Camera but I’m not at all pleased with the shipping cost and will most likely not buy anymore outdoor cameras from Wyze. It’s funny how people can say free shipping really isn’t free, like how Amazon does it because yes we pay an annual fee for their Prime membership. But if you have an Amazon charge card, you end up getting that annual fee back in the cash back savings. Plus, most of the time the price that Amazon sells items are less expensive than anywhere else, before the free shipping is factored in.

I said it before, while it’s great that Wyze changed the industry with an inexpensive camera, their ultimate plan is to sell the company and get out with a ton of money. Look at how quickly they’ve been releasing new more expensive products, while stretching their customer support. The only reason any company releases so many new products in such a short period of time, is to be appealing and show lots of market sales for a future buyer of the company. And when they sell the company, quality will take a nose dive.

Actually, Toyota really didn’t have an unwanted acceleration issue, at least not for the Prius. Turns out the issue was owner caused by stacking floor mats that jammed up the accelerator pedal. Because the recall just shaved off some of that pedal.

But everything else you said, was totally spot on! And I’m the one that brought up that $9.99 isn’t $9, it’s $10. Gas is the worst culprit for this deceptive pricing.

Wow! Well I can’t and won’t argue on a personal level. It’s against the rules after all. :grinning:

I hope that you have a nice and safe existence I must admit your take on the world is alluring to some.

Be well. :pray:


And your take on the world is alluring to none.

I honestly didn’t read all of that. But I will pipe in to observe that “free shipping”, much like “unlimited” Internet and mobile phone and video streaming plans, is here to stay.

I believe it’s time for ALL companies, including Wyze, to level the playing field and just do “free” shipping, all the time. Walmart, Wayfair, and many other big companies fell into line, sometimes gradually, after Amazon “infected” the market with the concept.

For better or worse consumers, including me, look for / expect “free” shipping and hesitate or turn away when it’s itemized. Yeah we know it’s a fiction, but it’s still much less annoying than getting surprised in your shopping cart.

Companies (including Wyze) that have SOME items / offerings with “free” shipping and others that do not - they make the issue even worse.

/Two cents

Many restaurants are charging a convenience fee, due to the increased minimum wage. But all that does is make me tip less. I’d tolerate it more if they just raised their food prices, instead of hidden fees, we don’t see until we get the check. And now some businesses are charging COVID fees. They might get my money once, but after that I’m done, even if down the road they remove those fees.

To offset the price of the unit and appear cheaper they adjust some of their profit over to the shipping fees, nothing new here…

Actually I keep being told the opposite. But everyone is allowed their own opinion. :grinning:

The truth is self evident. If Wyze or any company, is doing something perceived to be wrong by a significant percentage of their buying public then their sales will suffer accordingly.

Your opinion or mine don’t factor into that equation unless they are shared by a significant percentage of the market.

As Wyze is sustaining a significant growth in their market I let the results speak for themselves.

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I understand what you are saying but disagree with your premise. Amazon nor anyone else is providing free shipping. They just choose to not categorize the cost separately.

In essence they are lying to us. And I just did a quick check of my personal top five online retailers. Of the 5 only Amazon claims to provide free shipping. Walmart even charges for shipping depending on what you order and how fast you want it.

So no, I don’t think it’s time Wyze and others should be equally deceptive as you yourself mentioned. I am perfectly accepting of paying the shipping as shipping. If you are not then as I have said over and over don’t pay it. Vote with your wallet.

I do think more and more retailers ARE going to the “free” shipping model. Wyze may down the road. But if you honestly believe they are swallowing the shipping costs and not passing them on to you? Well all I can say is I have a left handed monkey wrench for you. It’s right next to the blinker fluid at Autozone.


That would be a $1.6 million “payday” IF their cost on the camera/base bundle, tariffs and shipping to them here in the US to ship to you was $0.00, but, obviously, it is not. Your hyperbole is actually bigger than their payday.

the #'s don’t lie, they have sold around 60k outdoor cams, and only 3 people complaining about the shipping fee…that’s probably acceptable :slight_smile:

like it or not, Wyze can’t ship for free, it costs them $$$ to send it to you…that’s the bottom line, shouldn’t matter if there’s a separate shipping fee or rolled into the cam price w/ free shipping.



  1. Wyze is a for-profit company. If they sell things for less than they cost to manufacture and ship, they will lose money and eventually cease to exist.
  2. They have to purchase shipping boxes, packaging materials, labels, label printers, handle returns, … and pay for people to prepare the shipments. All that stuff cost money and it does not make sense for them to run a department at a loss when their product is so inexpensive as compared to other similar products.
  3. If you don’t like it, you should take your money somewhere else.

I like the products but wyze has some extremely outrageous policy when it comes to shipping. I bought the sense starter pack through Amazon so I didnt pay for shipping but now that I want to add new door sensors and motion sensors they will charge me $5 per shipment. It is not even $5 per order. At that price point, it doesn’t become economical to buy sensors from wyze. Same is the WCO. Why not just buy sonoff camera instead!?!?

I get the startup thing, but Wyze is getting greedy I feel! Not cool!

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