Outdoor Wyze Camera Starter Bundle $10 for Shipping...Seriously?!

i tried blink a month ago… not a good experience

That’s some sales tax you have there @dalepa! The tax on my order was $3.

$9.99 is not $9, it’s $10.

I don’t think it’s $10 per starter pack with multiple items ordered at the same time. The shipping price most likely gets less the more you order, just like with the other products you buy from them.

Good suggestion. Ill have to try that out. I got tired of moving it around.

To get a camera that comes anywhere close to handling the elements like this new camera can and still falls short on the capabilities and features is the Nest IQ Outdoor Camera and that thing is $329.

Actually you are incorrect, the Reolink Argus line is way less expensive than the Nest IQ outdoor camera.

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I don’t think it’s as bad as you think. Simple example, Hue hub is hardwired only. Far more Hue hubs have been sold than Wyze anything.

I can see it as being an annoyance but nothing else. Use a WiFi extender with Ethernet ports if you need to locate your hub far from your router.


I’m sorry, I was’t clear. I was not referring to the shipping cost. The extra $10 per start kit is for the included base stations.

Because each base can handle up to 4 cameras (currently). They will be selling just a camera (with a recharge power plug) soon for $39.99. That’s the $10 savings I mean.

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@rbruceporter, that is EXACTLY what I did!. Then I was able to place the base in the best location for a good connection to the camera.

My weakest link is the ISP provided modem/router. I don’t have a big house, but I lose WIFI strength in the back bedrooms. I just haven’t pulled the trigger on getting a mesh network, yet.

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yep, easy peasy…

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I have a couple of those tp-link extenders. It works great with my Ring Floodlight Cam, but I couldn’t get it to work with my Pan Cam.
I had bought one of these for my RV, but it worked with my base, so that’s what I used, until I strung some Cat5 in my basement,

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I actually re-purposed my tp-link extender (it now feeds another test cam) and replaced it with a xFi pod which has a ethernet port. I think I have that same portable router, I haven’t used it yet, I bought it for a cruise we had scheduled in May that was unfortunately cancelled :frowning: but I see it has many different configs u can use, pretty slick

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Hey, this camera costs $50. Where else can you get an outdoor cam for $50? So if you pay $10 for shipping, you are still saving $140 from buying a $200 Ring cam that simply does not compare.
Come on people…


My 2 Wyze cameras cost $20. They have been outside for years and mostly work (SD cards aside). I never have to change their batteries, and I can power them for days with a really cheap and swappable battery if I really want.

Half kidding aside, there is competiton for this camera in ways there was not for the V1 and V2.

Yes $9.99 for shipping and you won’t see the camera until August sometime .
This Wyze thanking us for being an early backers … Oh maybe that is covering the cost of the early backers decal we get …

This is my last Early Access purchase . We as Early Backers are putting up with a lot of bugs , missing features , firmware updates , failed hardware and very poor support . We are Beta thier product testing on our dime … no discounts on product or shipping.
No thank you Wyze I have had enough …

I’m sorry you feel that way. I enjoy being an Early Backer. Sure, there may be some leftover bugs and they are still have a hard time keeping pace with the service calls. But, trust me, the bugs you may see are minor compared to what the testers see during the actual beta testing period.

But, if that’s how you really feel, why do you subject yourself to it? Just wait until after the general release?


Me too! This $10 shipping cost was the last straw for me. A company can’t brag about having a great product at a low cost and then gouge customers with the shipping cost. Hey here’s a concept, charge me what it actually costs to ship the product to me.

You apparently are missing the point. A $10 shipping cost for a $50 product doesn’t weigh much to ship, it’s insulting. You don’t get that the reason for this high of a shipping cost is to make up for the lower product cost and it’s deceptive. This is exactly what happens when a company grows too quickly and makes too many products. Their customer support has already been going down hill, it’s only a matter of time before they tell us that they’ve sold the company and then the brand will really go down hill.

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You have a point - and it’s only “ground shipping” to boot – although they’ve always had pricey shipping here. Here are some current costs.

Wyze band, 2.6 ounces, $5 shipping.

Wyze Lock, about 13 ounces, $8 shipping.

WCO bundle, 10 ounces, $10 shipping.

Frankly they’re all really high… Although many of us are spoiled by Amazon and the pretend free shipping.

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