Outdoor Wyze Camera Starter Bundle $10 for Shipping...Seriously?!

Love your products Wyze, but I’m not happy that your are charging $10 to ship the Outdoor Camera starter bundle. Don’t you think that’s a bit much for a $50 product that doesn’t weigh much?


I am with you. It would be fine if we could have added multiple cameras at the same time.


You order one, your brother Darryl orders one, your other brother Darryl orders one, your wife, girl/boy friend significant other orders one, Grandma orders one. All with your CC and address. Before you know it you have a whole fleet ordered.

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But what are you going to do with all those extra bases? I thought about doing that, but decided to wait. That extra $10 per starter pack adds up fast.

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Can you use more than one base if you use more than 4 cameras?

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$10 shipping is outrageous but still bought it damn it lol I will stick to some of the v2 I have outside already powered but will use the outdoor for the back of my house.


At this point, you would HAVE to use 1 base for every 4 cameras. If you have less than 4, you could still use more than 1 base, as long as each base can be connected by ethernet to your network. (I have an 8 port switch connected to my modem/router.)

Well it could be a little less but have you shipped anything lately? Just had cigars sent to me USPS is 8+ for small flat rate box…and they need to supply packaging and stuff. Now the real issue is not offering a complete pack with four cams and a decent shipping rate.


Sorry what? I must have missed that - are you saying the bases don’t do WiFi and REQUIRE hard wired Ethernet? That can’t be true?


It is true. This is from the WCO FAQ page:
Is the base station wired via ethernet or is it wireless via WiFi ?

The base station connects to your internet router via ethernet. This is to ensure the best and most reliable experience at launch. Allowing wireless base station connections to your router is a possibility that will require additional testing from us to verify that it can be done without harming connectivity.

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I have a solution to that use a WiFi extender and plug the base into that and you can use it anywhere in the house. one hub for 4 cameras in the back of your house and one hub for 4 cameras in the front of your house. There cheap on amazon that’s what I did with the arlo I had.


W.O.W. That is a HUGE blocker for so many people. Wow.


You were lucky I kudt ordered the starter bundle to watch for coyotes before I take my dog outside . I just saw my receipt and it was $64.18. I love my Wyze cameras and really need this, but $64 for $50 camera.


You are correct. That works. I have done it.

I know I think it’s so crazy that shipping is $9 I wasn’t happy with that but you still can’t beat the price of it compared to other battery power outdoor cameras. arlo new one camera and base station is $399🤮 lol

Nah, not really. As far as I understand it’s directly comparable to a battery powered outdoor Blink camera for $89 including shipping.

I just factor it into the price. Instead of $49.99 for a bundle I think $59.99 for a bundle. That’s still a pretty good price compared to the prices of most cameras on the market!

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As long as battery can hold… for this price level I am much more concerned about battery level. But kudos to them as I have like 10 Wyze Cams for the price of 1 regular camera at the time. Nowadays price dropped down a lot.

Same here. Was going to order, even though basically getting the $20 for $30 more, but with the shipping and tax $65 was just too much. Maybe the $10 covers their cost for all the returns ?

congrats on the 33k backers… 1.6million payday ain’t a bad payday.

Your right I almost did buy blink back in the day but back then there price was higher then now. I’m glad I went with Wyze for there ecosystem.