Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

I have one on an porch (open air but doesn’t get rain from above). The other camera is under an eave to protect is somewhat from the rain. Both see the full cold temperatures and keep working. As they are on all the time, they keep themselves warm. If I turned them off and tried to start them at 32 below I suspect they would not start.

Thanks for the info, I might have to give it a try.

Has the hub already been decided on?

I’m with derekmski. I’m not a fan of an extra hub especially with mesh wifi available I like the systems (Ring) that can run off of my current wifi and is also battery powered? I understand though then costs may go up if you guys are thinking a system more like Blink (potentially non-rechargeable battery option) than Ring.

I am mostly hoping your outdoor solution will also allow either power over ethernet, or at least a wired ethernet network connection. Of course, now we’re probably talking about 2 different types of cameras to be able to offer the most affordable option available like you do already with Wyzecam v2.


When I read outdoor/weatherproof Wyzecam, this is what I’m thinking of. I’ve always thought of battery powered as a completely different animal. There are many limitations in a battery powered camera that I would rather not deal with.

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OK, I know your current Wyze Cam is not rated for outdoors, but… I’ve had 3 of them outdoors for over six months under my eaves and have had no issues. Furthermore, and the reason I feel compelled to send this comment, I live in the Midwest and am currently in the midst of a record cold spell of -50 DEGREES F (that’s MINUS 50 F) and I am happy to say that all thee of my outdoor cameras continue to work without error. Awesome cameras guys. If your indoor cameras are this resilient, I am excited to see what your outdoor cameras can do. Thank you Wyze for making a wonderful product for a great price.

Let me know when you are ready to test an outdoor version and I’d be happy to review it for you!


I too am in Midwest, and have wyze cam pan outdoors. Actual temperature was -5 camera has sd for continuous recording. Worst problem is with Wi-Fi connectivity, however this could also be caused by the temperatures. I have other devices operating outdoors as well, arlo, sensors, lights, etc.

I have wyze cam pan under eaves with no additional protection and using 25 ft usb Wasserstein outdoor usb cable.

I have only had the pan cam for about 1 month but am extremely happy with picture quality, performance, overall construction and value, especially compared to my arlo Pro.

I would also be interested in the outdoor version testing in various scenarios, I.e remote locations(2nd home), distances from WiFi, power options, features for remotely managing, etc.

Thank you

When is the Wyze Cam Outdoor version to be released?
I need at least 6 of them to replace my older Honeywell Outdoor cams

They are still in-development, so it is still a ways off for release.

So are we talking about 2-3 months out or more? I’m sure others, like myself, are highly anticipating this new camera and trying to hold off on buying something else until this one comes out.

I’m looking forward to a dedicated outdoor camera. I have 5 indoor now and would like to have 3-4 outdoor ones if my network will support them. I’ve noticed the 5 work fine on WiFi at home at 1080p but when away and on iPhone cellular I did get pop up saying go to 360p network not stable on camera I was trying to view

I imagine when this topic changes from “in-development” to “testing”, we will have a much better idea when it will be released. :slight_smile:


Would the outdoor camera cost as much as the indoor one?

Pretty much anything discussed in this thread about an outdoor camera from Wyze is mostly speculation at this point, unless a Wyze employee posts actual information about it. Even we mods know very little at this point. We’re just as anxious to see what it’s going to be as you all are. I’m positive @WyzeGwendolyn will keep us all aprised on any new info. :slight_smile:


Based on employee posts, don’t we need a separate #roadmap for an outdoor camera that isn’t battery powered? One who’s communication method can penetrate brick walls, such as an Ethernet cable. I haven’t voted because what I’m hearing doesn’t meet my needs. I think the title has become somewhat misleading considering the direction Wyze has chosen (wake up time to conserve battery power, etc). Just my 2cents.


Hmmmm, good point… @WyzeGwendolyn?

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If you make a topic for this one, we’ll approve it!

@Loki, @mixonepa, and @DreadPirateRush now know that this is pre-approved. :slight_smile:


I think a rechargeable battery with solar plug in would be great. Kinda like a game feeder. Just my two cents.

BATTERY? FOR REAL? I’LL TAKE YOUR ENITRE STOCK https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2r_8Wf8nRr8

Have the inside model on my covered front porch. Works just fine, even survived the polar vortex ( it hit -20 ) . No issues, but I wonder about how the inside will hold up. I’m looking forward to the outdoor Wyze.

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I have solved the constant push notifications by using the PIR on my Blink camera. I left the push notifications off on the Wyze cam in the same location and although it does get triggered frequently by bugs and other items I don’t check the footage unless my Blink camera sends me a notification. Which brings me to how it would be very important to keep the Wyze cam recording 24/7 with IR light on but use PIR for notifications. Battery operated cameras are going to be very tough to implement due to the power consumption. Blink’s proprietary chip is very power efficient but I barely get a year out of the batteries with the cold NE weather and frequent number of triggers. This is why I have all but the most difficult locations hard wired for power. The cameras always lose battery power at the most inopportune time and I got tired of replacing them. Please make hard wiring for power an option with you outdoor cams. Your daisy chain solution for wiring is excellent and currently wiring my Blink camera in the previous scenario that I described.