Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

You also have to put the sync module in the right place too , or it might not work right
Same thing with the wyze sense Bridge

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It’s now almost the end of May 2019 and there have been zero updates in the road-map in regards to the Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam.

So… what is the latest?

Any possibility of this coming out sometime in 2019?

I have 2 indoor cams outdoors in Colorado installed in silicon cases from Amazon and they worked great all winter, cold snow and all. One thing I will say is the pixel based motion detection is basically unworkable outside. You need to come up with something else. Even with the software set to low sensitivity the shadows of leaves, clouds moving overhead, bugs, or about anything sets off motion detection. I have a piper and amazon cloud cams and almost no false motion detection. So maybe a different technology is needed. Even indoors I would say the motion detection is the only thing I don’t like about the indoor cams.

They stated before they are using a PIR (heat based) sensor which will work much better. I have a wyze outside and I agree it is mostly useful for live viewing and after the fact review. I have some blink xt’s Which use PIR and they work much better once you dial in the setting. I’ll definitely be picking up some of wyzes version once they come out based on my experience with PIR in the BLINK units.

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Thanks for the info. I saw something about PIR but didn’t know what is was. I appreciate the education.


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From the Wyze Bulb AMA it seemed like the next product might be a doorbell, since that’s what was most talked about. The last I heard it might come out late 2019 at the earliest.

hey @bigmacsailing and @jvrthp

I amactually using the Wyze PIR sensor from the Wyze synse kit outside to trigger cameras and although its been mild weather, I haven’t had any issues yet and I have cut down on false alerts quite a bit

just wanted you guys to be aware there is a PIR option through wyze

That’s positive for when the real deal hits the market! Not going to chance it with my sense now as my main areas are already covered and I need the battery powered units in my locations as well. Seems like what WYZE is going to release is EXACTLY what I’m looking for.

fair enough. I agree, they are making strides quite fast.

I figured at 5.99$ for a PIR sensor I couldn’t really come up with a reason to not try it.

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Agreed!!! If I didn’t already have the Blink cameras out there I’d be all over it!

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looking forward!

same here!!! if there wyze had a battery powered option all my blinks would be replaced.but still waiting for that to happen. and outdoor version? done!


But Wyze HAS a battery powered option because of the USB. I’ve been running 2 cams down at my workshop off batteries, a Sony 10AH powerbank ($16) that lasts about 23 hours of continuous recording with one camera.
Real simple hookup. Very transportable.

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Excited for the non work around clunky one day option :clap:t2: But I applaud your efforts! I have done something similar from time to time for isolated needs. Hoping for 10-18 months per charge with moderate use similar to the BLInK cams.

Blink appears to define “standard use” as 40,000 seconds of Live View and Motion
Clips over a 2 year period. Which equal 667 minutes or a little over 11 hours.
From their website:

“We define standard or typical use as approximately 10, 5-second video events per day”

And people here complain about 12 second clips every 5 minutes,

This guy got 3 weeks on a Blink set of batteries,

No matter how hard you squeeze an orange you are only going to get so much juice out of it.
You want more juice you need bigger or more oranges.

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Thanks thats great for you but i’m Not changing or charging up every 23 hours. My blink lasts months maybe a year without needing to change battery


That’s just one person you can’t go by that .
I have one on front porch That Captures clips a lot and it lasted 7 months , The other one is going on 9 months now


Outdoor cam seems to be in the works, they touched it during the last AMA video

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Mine last well over a year. Not quite two but a year is plenty for me. Even 6 months would be fine. This guy took a camera and used it like a wired camera not sure what he is trying to prove.

That’s how I tend to use my Wyze cameras, set them on continuous record with events getting sent to the cloud.