Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

$300? You do realise for that you could buy a Dahua 2mp STAVIS professional camera IPC-HDW5231R-ZE (the replacement for the model number I listed above as it’s discontinued) + a cheaper NVR or licence for BI and an LED floodlight and still have money left over, as the camera is around $170.

The Netatmo looks posh, but you’re paying for it Also, you don’t need IR + a floodlight really. The real purpose of a floodlight as I see it is to up the light levels enough to allow you to force colour recording at night. The purpose of IR, is to give a night vision boost to B&W night vision.

Colour is better as identification is easier with colour, The only limitation is getting enough light to make colour viable in low light which is where the flood lighting comes in.

I would also think that $300 is probably well outside of WYZE’s business model of producing cheap affordable cameras. There are a lot of options / competition when you get to even 1/2 that, and it appears WYZE’s business strategy is probably to avoid that competition by selling a camera they can sell for the lowest price on the market to pick up people who either can’t afford or can’t justify spending even $100 on a CCTV camera. I think there might be a bit of wriggle room in their strategy, but I very much doubt it stretches over $50 or so. However, I don’t speak for nor know the company.

I have been thinking about trying out a Blink XT2 but agree it’s probably worth the wait to see what Wyze will do as far as an Outdoor camera is concerned. I am guessing we will not see anything until the October / last quarter time frame this year but I wish Wyze was in a position to clarify that.

Any update on this? When do you think we can see the product on the market? Will you have Wireless, SPOE or both option? If it is wireless, please make sure you have a strong antenna and possibly 5ghz connection. The V2 indoor cam is useless outside my door even with weatherproofing house as the video delay is too much when put outside just 15 feet from the router. It works well indoor even on far distances but have issue with connection outdoor.

I am holding off from buying an outdoor camera in hopes that Wyze will have one soon. So I hope we can get an ETA from Wyze development team.


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Please see post 300.
I was holding off the purchase also, thinking we’ll see them released by June.
Not anymore.
Chances are the release date is moved well out into the 3rd-4th quarter of the year.

WI resident here. I have a V2 outside under an eve on my garage. I have a plastic housing for it that literally looks like a little house that goes around the V2 that I bought off Amazon, seems to be holding up fine. I thought that by installing it in April I would be safe from snow (I should know better being a WI native) but with the weather we were having I was able to have the “pleasure” of testing it through all the elements mother nature provides us in the great state of WI and it’s held up fine. I also have a cam pan in a silicon case from Amazon under my porch and it’s been great too.

Here’s one of my V2s over this past winter. (Yes, that’s an icicle!)


My main concern is the camera gets hot in the sun and with colder temps and rain. It’s one thing to have them on your porch but for street views the weather is an issue.

Any update on this…

Which type is this?

Haha wow!! And it still works?

POE would be huge for me… I would probably replace my indoor cameras with these if they did poe.


Yep! Survived several weather extremes. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I have that same case so good to know!

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I have not had any issues with my 2 cams outside. I have one sitting under an eve by my front door. Never have I had obstructed view due to weather. Cams are excellent especially for the price. I feel these cams hold up well outdoors and believe a case made by Wyze but be sufficient. I’ve used my pan cam outside with a cover from Amazon as well. It’s been up through arctic temps and high heat now.

@WyzeGwendolyn Do you have any update on the outdoor cam with any current status or tentative launch date. Something from your side will really help calm down our nervous wait time.

Thanks in advance.

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Is anyone running Wyze cams off a “low voltage landscape lighting” circuit? (12 volt AC)
I’m wondering about source for an inexpensive 12 volt AC to 5 volt DC converter.

They are on Amazon too, but here is one I found. You just want to make sure your not taxing the converter for your low voltage lights. If you only have one or two lights you should be fine, if you have 15 of them you would need to look into it a little further.


Thanks, but that’s DC to DC. I’m looking for recommendations by someone that has used a 12V AC to 5 volt DC converter. There are hundreds of them on ebay and alibaba, but i’m sure of vastly varying quality.

Are you sure it’s AC on the 12v side as 12v AC is unusual.

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12 volt AC isn’t unusual for non LED landscape lighting.

Being in Canada where temperatures are between -40 deg C and +35 deg C throughout the year, I’m volunteer to be a beta tester if you ever need one.