Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam



just speculation @WyzeGwendolyn

is that the outdoor camera design?


Nice find. Love to see a doorbell cam. Currently have a hardwired Ring but was planning on replacing it with Nest unless of course Wyze comes out with one. Google makes a great product but I have substituted Wyze Cams for all of my DropCam locations. I own a Xiaomi Scale, Miband had one of their phones; Xiaomi makes great products and it seems like Wyze already has access to Xiaomi’s hardware so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


There’s been a lot of discussion of hardwired vs battery powered. Instead of incorporating a battery into the camera, have you considered leaving the outdoor camera simply usb powered and offer a battery/solar panel combo as an accessory? That could streamline camera manufacturing, as there is only one camera model.


In many parts of the country (midwest, northeast, east coast, etc.), the breaker panel is inside the house and if the house has a basement, it’s down there along a wall somewhere. The fire departments around here don’t have issues putting fires out and they can’t access the breaker panel. There are other ways to shut off power to a house than right at the house if needed.


I’d vote for that!


+1 more. Only issue might be a weatherproof connection to the battery pack or solar panel. USB plug to the pack/panel would be nice if dust and waterproof.


That is not but I do like it! :slight_smile:


On my Alarm system I added magnetic switches to both panel access doors and connected to system, Open the panel door instant alarm. And a camera does have panel in view besides driveway/parking.


I’m excited for the development of the outdoor camera, my only hope is that it is lithium ion battery powered…


Excited for the release of the outdoor cam…


I am excited on the release as well. As I am also curious on the design and the specs.


Very curious about an outdoor cam. POE would be a great feature, though since I’ve already installed a wyzecam outside, microUSB power would save me having to run an ethernet line outside.
RTSP = definitely a plus
Battery = a plus if you can provide a way to recharge via a very efficient solar panel, to avoid having to remove the battery to charge it.
Starlight = a huge plus, would love to have colour night viewing.
Varifocal = huge plus.


Wyze, any teasers regarding design/function goals?

Personally would only purchase a simple model. Basically an outdoor version of the v2. Pan would be nice, but one more part to break down or malfunction. A big + for Wyze cams has been the MSRP and use cost.

Small boat sailor. Aware of a few IP68 rated electrical connection. Off the shelf ip68 connector for the option of hard wired, battery pack or solar panel would give the user options. Opens up another secondary market for adapters for the various existing battery packs and solar panels.


An optional add-on for a solar trickle charging would be helpful way to go as well.


This one is awesome too… used it to mount a wyze cam pan to my family’s carport just outside. The camera is sheltered enough that it doesnt take weather directly.


Weatherproof connections are easy to come by. The main problem I’ve seen is the variety,


The connection itself doesn’t need to be waterproof. It could be a standard micro USB, but under a sealed cover with a grommet for the cable to pass though. Kind like ubiquiti does with
their outdoor access points.


Just tried out the WireFree Riolink Argus 2 with Solar which is the bar for Wyze to beat.

So far, the Argus WIFI signal is poor compared to the WizePan which is awesome. WireFree is the way to go if it can be done.

Netgear Argo and Blink are just priced to high, so lots of room to beat them.

A Wyze Outdoor that is Wirefree, Solar, PTZ and 4x+ optical and 4K will get my $$. Onvif/H.265 would be a huge bonus.


Very Much looking forward to this


How or why is the REOLINK signal poor? I’ve 2 of them and not had any unusual problems.