Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

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Way ahead of you, did it before I replied :slight_smile:

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Who are “They”
They already make this type of devise and they do not work.

Thank you CCTVCam ,

Now you sounds much better, I really appreciate your observations and recommendations.

I knew about airport devices which scare birds, but I did not know about PIR triggered sprinklers. I also used nets and they works great, but looks pretty ugly and not always easy to use for a big peach tree especially if it grows next to other trees and bushes which I can’t remove and squirrels jumping from one to another.

About neighbors – again I am more concern of loud music, non-stopping barking, sounds of lawn mowers, blowers etc., which are plenty in my neighborhood. Nobody should even notice, besides unwonted animals and birds these sounds. I also thought about using sound in conjunction of scarecrow preferably moving.

And I also thought that these guys could use to this sounds and movements and starts to ignore them, this is why I thought to use different sounds of nature and definitely not just loud noises of regular sirens.

If it will work I do not mind to pay $200. Ring chime are too quiet, and of course I can use different speakers and relays, and power to accommodate all this. Like I mention before, I am trying to find a product which will be ready to go, if not I may try to make something by myself or by a gun and starting shooting these busters.


You will want to also hop over and VOTE for this one:

How to vote?

Vote button in the top left of the screen. See the screenshot below.


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Having POE your camera is tied to a cabled and you need drill through walls and have a switch ect… If your using a mid to upper end WiFi router at 2.4GHz can penetrate walls and goes for a good distance. The issue that I see is the reliability of the components that can operate from -40C to 110C (component case temperature). Ambient temp -40C to 55C (not factoring in the solar radiation).

There’s a reason people are requesting poe as well as wireless - wireless is unreliable - a single disconnect means no coverage until you discover and reconnect the camera. It can also be prone to interference. Bandwidth on wireless means the video quality is poor compared to poe - that’s why professional systems are usually poe. Forget what the Wifi rating says. The reality is the actual bandwidth is much lower and the speed degrades the further from the hub you go/ the more objects such as walls are in the way. Every camera added shares that restricted bandwidth. With a few cameras it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve anything like poe quality.


So just run a bunch of extension cords through my attic? No thanks.

It’s also much easier to install.

You can’t run extension cables through th attic and be safe and within code. I guess you could run Romex, but now you’ve turned a simple camera install into a huge project. Just buy a cheap poe switch, good ones can get bought for around $100, 500ft of cat5e, make your cables and run them.


Or do what I’ve done, buy a home plug and extend your network that way. I’ve a wireless router running at the end of a 25 foot extension cord from a plug in my carport. The plug is far enough away (about 100 feet and through brick walls) that I don’t get any signal from my prime router.

How do you power your exterior cameras?

Off a battery back w/ USB.

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I’ve already been down the battery route with Arlos. Great cameras, but I got tired of changing out the batteries every couple of months.

My brother tells me that when someone rings his doorbell, he would like to play a sound clip of someone saying “Release the hounds!” :laughing:


I like the sound of a ferocious dog. We had an adorable Corgi that would set up a great din of barking when the UPS delivered. Then roll over for a belly rub.


Synology NAS Support would be awesome!

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What’s the latest on the availability of an outdoor cam?

I’m looking as installing 5 or 6 cameras outside and I’m wondering if I should just use the current Wyse cam in an outdoor enclosure or if these are close enough to wait.

It could be a while yet. :confused: Someone else ask about it also.
From my last post on the outdoor cam.

According to the Wyze CEO email, hopefully, it is still coming possibly before the end of the year. Maybe just in time for Christmas :grinning:

Everyone wants to get their hands on one of these for sure. 2019-2020??

Now, it looks like the last thing I owe you from that 2018 email is an outdoor camera. If all goes according to plan, you’ll hear from me again later this year.

— Yun Zhang, CEO

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