Outdoor Smart WIFI Solar Powered Speaker w Multi Sync (for security and music)

I have been unable to find an outdoor solar powered Wifi (for Range vs Bluetooth) Speaker. I think this would be great for home security also. Like to be albe to synce multiple speakers around a property.
Like to see it be able to put on ground and maybe in a tree. The solar should be able to attach to speaker or run a cord from a panel for better sunlight. If it’s a modular setup, could add a LED Light (I like the tiki torch - (they are out there but no wifi) and/or camera. Thinking a 30watt to 50watt system.

It would be cool to have a few modes.

  1. Music.
  2. Music/or prerecorded sounds or music only if there is motion. If you have intruders on the grounds or animals, a prerecorded sound could be activated to scare off some one before they get inside a structure. One could have all sorts of fun with pre recorded sounds. 1. Howling wolves, bull frogs, ocean waves, intruder alert (barking dogs in a distance that are getting closer or You have 10 seconds to get off the property with a countdown - you get the idea.

Bluetooth has it’s limits (distance and going through walls, etc).

You will need to make it

Have you considered the size of solar panel this would need to function?

Bluetooth can be much longer range than you likely believe. I had no problem finding multiple Bluetooth speakers with a listed range of 100 feet. As Bluetooth operates in the same range as 2.4 GHz WiFi, it has similar penetration properties.