Outdoor plug usage download and share report

The usage reporting is a primary reason I purchased the Outdoor Plug however I’m finding the implementation very lacking.

  1. Needs the ability to scroll back and forth for the measurement periods.
  2. Needs to be able to download/share a usage report or raw data.


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Absolutely a need, For example, today as I type this, it is the 2nd of April. I can’t go back to March. would REALLY be nice!
Downloading the data would be really cool!

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Not sure if the hardware is there but would like to see down to the 2W tracking range the Wemo Insight can do.

I’m finding some somewhat flakey Wifi on these outdoor plugs. Hopefully just something with firmware. 2 out of 3 of mine drop off and require reboots about once a week. No other Wyze gear in same vicinity have this issue.

It seems latest firmware update might have been pulled. I am running