Outdoor pan tilt zoom camera


I have several of WYZE cams around the house but use others outside.
When will you have a weather proof Cam for outside use? I have a Pan Cam out under our porchroof and it seems to work well so far - made it through the Colorado winter, but have other areas that aren’t as protected.

The outdoor camera is supposed to be the next product released. It’s in user beta testing now and should be soon (months?). The camera will be built for outdoors and also has a built in rechargeable battery but will also run while plugged into the charging USB cable. That’s about all anyone that isn’t a Wyze employee or a beta tester knows right now.

PTZ outdoor cameras in the lower price range are pretty much non existent and there is a reason for that.
I’m not saying that wyze cannot come up with something , but it would be very difficult to bring it in with a price people are accustomed to from wyze

I like the new wyze-cam (battery-outdoor) that will be coming out soon, but I would like to have an outdoor version of the wyze-cam-pan.


I like the idea of a Pan/Tilt/Zoom Outdoor Camera! Not sure how Wyze would go about that though…

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I would like to wyze cam pan outDoors

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The new outdoor camera does not have the ability to scan like the Pan Cam. So disappointed in this. I would like the ability to move the camera remotely to view a larger area.

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I agree, but perhaps Wyze could add value by providing some out-of-the-box features that other PTZs don’t? Such as AI, free recording, enhanced motion capture / follow with zoom, etc?

Any plans to launch an outdoors PTZ cam soon?

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It would be great if Wyze offered a Solar powered outdoor wifi PTZ camera option like reolink and some other companies.


Any plans to create and add a PTZ Dome Camera to the products … similar to the Foscam PTZ cameras?

Also any update for Apple HomeKit?