Outdoor or backyard view

I have a camera inside my house works great. I had my car broken into in my driveway the other night! (I live in a very safe somewhat rural area).

So I bought another Wyze pan camera to put in my upstairs bedroom window so I can see the car, yard, and barn. Works great, except it doesn’t work at night (which is when car was broken into). When I use it at night I guess the night vision shines off the window and all I see is the reflection of the camera.

I did read the other questions that are similar to mine and some people have used a case on Amazon but it’s clearly not fully waterproof. I wish I knew how the camera was holding up with this case:

I really need to figure this out but I’m shocked that Wyze doesn’t make a waterproof model or a waterproof case, seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult and its a no-brainer.



It is in development. Please hop over to the post below and VOTE for it at the top of the page:

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I have 2 Wyze Cams mounted outside (I have steel siding so the magnet mount works great). They are somewhat protected by my large overhanging eaves. They have worked non-stop for over 6-months now. I just clean off the cob/spider webs every month or so.

I bought those protective cases, they are poorly made, poorly fitting, and really offer no substantial protection. YMMV.

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What post below? Can you give me a link? I will happily vote for it!!!

If you go back to my post, you need to click the title “Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam”. Clicking that will take you to the #roadmap topic to vote for.

For what it is worth, you just need a IR light source outside, and that would fix your glare problem. (Yes, IR gets reflected by glass).
If you want the IR filter though, you need to block the cam’s own IR LEDs, there are several ways to do that, depends on how drastic you want to get. Anything from taping over them to cutting the LEDs.

Having said that, you still won’t get a clear image if they are moving quickly.

How did you power the wyzecams? In my case, there is no power outlet on the left side of my house and am not a handy guy for wiring. What is the best option?