Outdoor Light Fixture Camera (Spotlight / Floodlight)

Glad to see this is being looked into. I’ve been hoping for this for quite some time. Next, make a NAS drive that all my cameras can dump to so I don’t need SD cards or a cloud. I don’t like the idea of anyone hacking into my camera feed.

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I’m reading through this thread again, and it appears to me that there are multiple needs thrown into this thread.

I would purchase Kuna/Toucan style porch-light if available by Wyze, depending on what it looked like. It would need to be discreet, and look more porch light and less Wyze Camera

The 2nd item that brought me to this thread, was the title of this thread. I currently have two Amcrest ASH26-W


Nice camera, was a direct replacement for two existing motion sensing spotlights (w/o cameras) in place on the house I recently bought.

I’m not happy with Amcrest in general when it comes to their software. But this camera is ONVIF/RTSP compatible (works with 3rd party NVRs, such as Blue Iris)

Recently, I went to add this to my new Amazon Echo Show for viewing live video… and discovered Amcrest wants me to pay a subscription fee for cloud services in order to do so… Major Fail… and thus looking for a replacement option.

So, I see this is in a “Roadmap testing” stage.

I haven’t read through the whole thread, so my question is what type of product is being tested? Floodlight camera, like my Amcrest floodlight? Or a Kuna/Toucan style porch-light ?

Perhaps I’ll find out as I continue reading the reset of the messages…