Outdoor Light Fixture Camera (Spotlight / Floodlight)

Red flag.

I installed a Wasserstein floodlight with the V3 Camera over my garage this morning. So far everything seems to be working fine. The light is very bright and the fixtures seems like it is well built. I will test the motion detection and light sensitivity tonight after it gets dark.

The Wasserstein V3 floodlight has now been up all day and evening. Here are my initial observations:

  1. The light is very bright, especially on the highest setting. I have it set to low because I don’t need so much light.

  2. The mount works great and keeps the camera at the perfect angle for me to get a good view of my driveway and alleyway.

  3. There is no cable in the box so I had to use the 6 ft cable that comes with the camera. I just wrapped it tightly with a zip tie but it would have been nice if they had included a very short cord to keep the installation cleaner looking.

  4. At the lowest sensitivity setting the light still stays on constantly after dark. I haven’t seen it turn off yet. There is a small palm tree in the driveway and it’s breezy out tonight so I think the motion from the tree is keeping it on all night.

It’s not a complete deal breaker for me if the light stays on all night because LED lights don’t cost much to operate and I have it on the lowest setting. But if you are hoping to have a floodlight that only turns on when someone walks or drives by this probably isn’t going to work. I might try putting a piece of tape over part of the motion sensor to see if I can make it a little less sensitive.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the unit though. Without it I really don’t have a way to mount a camera over my garage since I don’t have an electrical outlet there so this solved my main problem that was preventing me from getting a working camera there.

I have this problem with a dumb motion floodlight I installed. It is essentially on all night and that sucks. The only time I can count on it going off is when I’m trying to barbecue at night and relying on it to see anything.

I only have the older version of the Wasserstein light and the motion sensing works fine.

Let us know if anything you do works. You might have a defective light.

I checked it again this morning and determined I had the sensitivity setting on “off” instead of low. When I changed it to low the motion sensing seemed to be working fine. It detected when I walked around the driveway, stayed on for one minute, then turned off.

I’ll keep monitoring it to see how reliable it is but for now it seems to be working properly.

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I think the ideal solution is a combined dual floodlight and wyze camera which can be installed either under eaves or on home side and connects to commercial power. This would replace the multitude of existing outdoor floodlights on homes and provide the camera functionality. The camera would have the capability to do 24x7 recording to an SD card with motion alerts that go to the cloud as well as the SD. Why do 24x7 recording? Because sometimes activities that don’t trigger the motion detection become important and should be available if needed. The floodlight bulbs (LED) should be replaceable because they are likely the most prone to failure.

Is this what you’re looking for? I found it at…where else:

Thank you for your suggestion.

I am actually looking for something more like this…

I’d like to see better integration with the camera in that the cord is hidden, the light intensity is set through the Wyze app, the motion detection for the floodlight is the same as that of the camera, etc.

The idea of the Wasserstein product is just what I desire, but the integration with the camera and app could be better. I guess it will have to suffice for now.

Thanks again.

OCR1 I have the same fixture and it constantly cycles on and off. It doesn’t matter which sensitivity setting I use. Currently it’s on “Auto” and “H” but you can’t really be sure if the light is on the same setting as the remote. The constant on and off of the light causes recordings of nothing on the Cam3.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe motion detected my the camera (especially large flying insects) might in fact trigger the light. So far, the (non)response from Wasserstein has been unhelpful.

Yes, I’m seeing the same issues. The light will cycle on in the middle of the day for no reason. It seems more likely to cycle on when the sun is behind it rather than shining right into the sensor. But it’s frequently on in the middle of the day when there is plenty of sunlight. No change to the sensitivity settings seems to make a difference.

At night I get event recordings every few minutes with nothing going on other than some particles blowing in the wind. I usually generate hundreds of events, which makes it somewhat useless. But I’ve decided to keep the unit and not mess around with it any more because it does what I primarily purchased it for - power my Wyze Cam V3 to keep an eye on the driveway. And because the lights are LED I don’t think it’s costing much to have them running so frequently, so I’ve just chosen to live with it. Let me know if you hear back from Wasserstein. If you are relying on this floodlight to have accurate motion and light detection this is not the right unit for you.

I would really love to see a floodlight/Wyze cam combo released. I have installed a ton of floodlights from " SANSI". They are very affordable, reliable, and super bright. Maybe you guys could find a manufacturer like them to work with on this. I have a situation where I want to put some cams in my backyard by my floodlights, and having to wire in outlets is a pain.