Outdoor Light Fixture Camera (Spotlight / Floodlight)

Looks pretty good actually. Pricey and apparently zero smart home integration with Wyze or anything else, though.

The V3 security light must be new as it wasn’t on their web site when I checked it a month ago. Looks good (although wish it could be controlled via an app). I enquired with Wyze on their Facebook page at that time and was told they are planning to release one but wondering if that ended up being the small add on motion light that just came out?

The Wyze one is tiny and not very bright. Also if you use a long USB cord the V3 Camera will work fine still but Wyze security light will not work or stop working after a while. Really pretty much limits its usefulness because the camera (and spotlight) have to stay pretty close to the power adapter. For a lot of people that makes it pretty much useless. I hope Wyze fixes it somehow or comes up with a cable that will work.

So here I sit with 3X Wyze v3 Cam’s. I want to utilize existing, under the eave, horizontal junction box with switched power. Now I have found that Wasserstein offers a 3-in-1 Remote Floodlight, Charger and Mount Compatible with Wyze Cam V3. However, I cannot tell if my horizontal interface will work. Has anyone else tried these? If so please relay your thoughts.


What’s the difference between this 3-in-1 for wyze cam v3 and the older model 4-in-1 that’s not compatible with the new wyze cam v3?


I was just in a Home Depot line and noticed a section for Ring and Nest Home security products.
One of those products was motion-sensing lights. (with or a camera)
at $350 I laughed. these were white simple designs. my first thought was Wyze would CRUSH this market. Sell it at less than half that cost and still profit.

Also, there should be a Camera or No Camera Option.

Anyhow, Keep at it Wyze. Hope to see something like this soon.

I would like to replace the driveway light above my garage door with security light with build in outdoor camera, something similar to KUNA Maximus would be fantastic.


Unfortunately, many of us have requested this. But instead of a separate product line, they dump us into the spotlight/floodlight group. So there is no chance.

The one for the v3 has a compatible clip mount that secures to the base of the wyze camera unit from what I can see, but based on their only review it looks multiple floodlight units all ultimately get controlled by 1 frequency of remote, potential settings-related issues as well as no mini power cord to the camera? I personally bought the older model that is for the V2’s and modified the mount myself to make it v3 compatible which seems to work really well for my needs.

I also recently installed one to the underside of my eave horizontally. I used the v2 compatible Floodlight and modified the mount to make it work with the v3. I made 2 different mount modifications, but I’m not sure which way I like more yet. One took more time and is likely more secure using a dremel tool and the v2 enclosure, the other used superglue and the metal disk provided with the camera. Both seem to work really well, however, I would still like to get or try the clip mount that goes for the V3’s as it is likely more secure than the magnet mount and much less effort needed than the dremeled-out v2 enclosure. I can provide instructions and pictures of what I did if anyone is interested in my DIY v3 mounts.

This week I bought a Wasserstein Floodlight with mount specifically for Wyze Cam v3.

I have the lights set up, but I am wary about how easily some bad actors can mess with any devices set outside.

I need a really short m2m micro usb/usb cable for the power from fixture to cam.

Anyone know where/how I can find a m2m cable under 6"?

I’m looking for a floodlight to go above my garage that will work with a Wyze V3 cam. Has anyone else installed the Wasserstein solution?

It looks like a good fit but there are no reviews yet. Any thoughts?

I have the earlier Wasserstein lights. (the one without the remote) They work great. So long as you have a standard mounting location with power (replacing a different outdoor light for example) it is a great solution. You will not need the problematic Wyze Spotlight at all

Thanks! I ordered two of the floodlights designed for the V3 cams. I’ll update once I receive them.

I ordered a wasserstein for my v3 and have done nothing but fought with the motion detection since installing. The light comes on in broad daylight. Even after dark it’s constantly coming on. It’s over a driveway with nothing around to falsely trigger it. When set to auto it’s on more than off at night.
After tons of emails to wasserstein they finally sent me another light. This one acts like it’s constantly in Test mode. Comes on no matter if it’s daylight or dark but for only 5 seconds at a time.
I’m going to return both of these duds and get a regular motion light.

That’s disappointing! Guess I’ll look elsewhere.

I see Wasserstein choose function over form, I like a fixture on the front of my house that looks like it belongs.

I have seen nothing but complaints on the Wasserstein V3 floodlight functionality. I am avoiding them over the potential sensor/remote issues. I really wish they would allow us to buy the v3 mounts so I can just get the V2 floodlight and not have to make my own mounts for the V3 cameras.

Where are you seeing these complaints? I couldn’t find hardly any reviews out there.

The first review on the Wasserstein site itself for the V3 compatible flood light mentioned most of what I have heard reflected here. I am only seeing 2 reviews now(a 4* and 5*) so they look to have deleted or had the author edit/retract the first 1* review they had. No micro USB cord(like the one in the V2 floodlight) and that multiple floodlights all got controlled by 1 remote if installed within too close of a range of each other(among other remote settings issues).

I already contacted Wasserstein to see if I could purchase the v3 mounts separately in order to still buy the v2 floodlights without the remotes and extra settings, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

Edit: After looking up the Amazon page for the V3 compatible floodlight it is riddled with 1* reviews also mentioning the same complaints.