Outdoor LED Light Strips

Would like to see an outdoor version of the led light strips to install underneath deck railings. Water resistant erc

Wyze should make the LED color strips and color bulbs available for outdoor use. Think of all the cool applications - on your home, deck, pool, etc. Then be able to change your color theme with the press of a button in the app. Would be so cool!!

@jlaylwa Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

You may want to submit a separate #wishlist for the outdoor color bulbs. Submissions for #wishlist must be single-subject so that they can be voted on independently. We curate the category to avoid duplication of topics. Please search first and make sure the same or similar requests are not already in the #wishlist or #roadmap . If you find your topic, please comment on and/or vote for it.

Thank you!

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Yes, please!