Outdoor camera with optical zoom

I know you’ve got a lot of requests to add various features, so here is one more. I would love to have an outdoor camera with a zoom lens–say, 5x?. And of course we would not expect it to be as inexpensive as your indoor cameras.

I think this is a great idea!! Hopefully Wyze will consider this!!

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YES Outdoor rated WYZE Cameras would be great.

Current cameras (V1 and V2) can’t delineate a license plate when you digitally zoom-in. A camera with a zoom is a great idea. Or, at least one with a fixed, “magnified” lens, that when you digitally zoom-in, you can read license plates.


Feature needed for LPR (license plate recognition) - Cameras with Optical Zoom

With all the package theft around, I’ve been looking for the feature needed for license plate capture, but 4K videos takes a lot more data.

I then realize a well designed 1080p camera with optical zoom positioned correctly can achieve the same result to capture license plate image clearly.

Can Wyze consider this feature (optical zoom)?

With Optical zoom we can use 1080p resolution and the optical zoom will help pick up the license plate number clearly - without huge image data bandwidth involved like 4K images.


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