Outdoor camera travel mode need base for initial setup

If I plan to only use the outdoor camera in travel mode, would I need the base at all ever to initially set it up? Or could I just use my phone to configure and setup for travel mode?

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Learn all about travel mode here in this support article.

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I just can’t picture being very comfortable sitting on one. And it looks like the suspension is very short travel. Going to feel every bump! :hugs:

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Luxury suspension will have to be put a #wishlist for WCO v2. I believe this one has standard suspension without any cushion. :laughing: :rofl:

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Does that support article assume the camera has already been setup and configured using the base?
It does not mention anything about setting up brand new into travel mode without needing the base to do so.

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There were a few Mavens that did the Beta testing on this cam, and they may be able to answer that for you.

I have my guess that it will have to be setup first, but I don’t want to give you a wrong answer.

I’ll try to get some more folks to answer this question because I could be wrong.

@Mavens Any of you guys know for sure?

@Ken.S You were a tester weren’t you?

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yes I was/am.

I’m not 100% sure on the answer, as I never tried setting up a new WCO in travel mode, without being already setup on the base. I swear I read somewhere in the support documents that stated the WCO had to be setup on the base before it can be used in travel mode, but I’ll see if I can find.


One of us could try a factory reset on the base and WCO.

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sounds like you’re volunteering :slight_smile:


Hey, you’re the guy the leaps before he looks. LOL

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If you’re referring to me flashing new firmware without knowing about it, yep that’s me, but it’s more that I trust Wyze

anyways, you brought it up so I’ll let you factory reset & test :slight_smile:

I could not find the article about setting up to base station prior to travel mode, but I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere

Thanks @Ken.S for responding. I would say it must be setup before you can use the travel mode. Otherwise there would be no way to add it to the Wyze app and view the live stream.


Yes, the base has to be added 1st in the app to add the WCO to the account.

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I have tested trying to set up a WCO in Travel Mode without having a Base Station installed.

Short answer: can’t be done. If you don’t have a Base Station already setup in the app when you try to add a WCO, you are forced to add a base first. Once the base is set up, it takes 30 seconds or less to add the WCO.

To go into Travel Mode, just follow the instructions in either the app or on the page StopICU33 provided at the top of this thread,


Aw, you beat me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the confirmation guys! :+1:

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That I you for looking into this.
My thought was to give one to someone to use as a trail cam to look for wildlife.

Would I be able to set it up using my base then give to them ? They would then use their phone to look at any collected motion events, even if their phone was not the one initially used to set it up?


@FHorn, I can’t say for a fact, but based on what had to do, I would say no. It has to always be tied to an account.

Honestly, I never tested Travel Mode before today. And even when I did try to play with it some, I didn’t get something right. I’ll play some more and post the results.

You ARE able (I just tried it) to do this if the person you were giving it to had a wyze account and app on their phone and you shared the WCO with that persons account. This is a pretty specific scenario though. If they already have the app it would be better to just set everything up on that person’s account unless it was just a temporary loan.


Why is everybody stealing my thunder?! First Ken and now you, Kerry! LOL

I was wondering if that sharing option would work. That’s what I was going to try testing. But, like you said, if they have their own account, just set everything up there.

Thanks for handling it for me. :grin:

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