Outdoor camera - Shipping costs and concerns

  1. Cost of shipping . Come on Wyze you are charging Early Access members $9.99 for shipping ? Something we are not going to see until sometime in August ?
    We give you our money up front to use to bank roll your early production and inventory and we pay for premium shipping ?
    Where is the thanks for early backers ( oh a decal ?) .
  2. I regretfully ordered one but now learn that the Bridge/ Hub is hard wire only . Not Wifi ?
    I am out of ports on my routers now. I will have to invest in a switch or bridge another router . More money … I thought it was going to be either hard wire or Wifi .
  3. Why won’t this Hub work with other Wyze devices ? Wyze you need to create one hub system and not a new hub for every device . We have a Hub for the Lock and Bridge for the Sensor and now a Hub for only 4 outdoor cameras . I assume the doorbell will also have its own hub ??. What a mess…

100% percent agree with you I was shock to see $9 shipping. You could always get a WiFi extender one for the front of your house and one for the back of your house and just plug the base station into each one. There cheap on amazon but it does suck we have to go this route I know you will need 2 hubs for a house because I had the arlo with base station and it didn’t work good till I added WiFi extender and a second hub.

Where are you getting $9 for shipping? It’s $9.99, which is actually $10.

But yeah I’m a bit upset with Wyze charging us this much for shipping. Seems to be just a way for them to get more money for the product. They might as well have sold the camera bundle for $10 and made up the difference with the shipping charge.

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