Outdoor camera - how long will it record to SD?

I get it that the outdoor cam cannot do continuous recording. Of the V2, you can set it to save to SD either continuously or only when motion is detected on top of the standard 12 sec clips to the cloud. Will the Outdoor camera record to the SD as long as motion is detected or it just the 12 seconds to the cloud and then you can backup the clips to SD as well?

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12 seconds, just like the other cameras.

Same as in town.

The other cameras record 12 seconds to the cloud but longer clips on the SD card.

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True. But WCO does not permit automatic continuous recording to the SD card. You can schedule a fixed length recording, but a tester reported that an 8 hour record drained the battery about 50%.

That said, you can access the camera and just start recording for however long you are connected. But, even that comes at the expense of the battery.


Um, to harp on the same note, for some such cases wouldn’t one be better off with a V2, a PIR sensor, and a small battery? 10,000 MaH is reported to give 48-72 hours of use, not 8-16.

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You are right. Nobody is arguing the point. Even Dongsheng Song said if continuous recording was required, then a V2 may be the best option.

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It’s not like the other cameras if it can’t continue recording to the SD card until motion stops. 12 seconds for free cloud storage is understandable but if I have activity still going I would like to record to the SD. I want to capture it until motion stops.

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OMG people no battery operated camera records continuously, obviously because it would drain the battery.


I dont think this was directed at me right? I don’t expect continuous recording. I expect recording while motion is still detected. Like blink does, even with it being battery powered.


No, not directed at you, just people in general that don’t seem to get it yet.

So, no one in this thread then. :slight_smile:

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That’s not what the question is referring to.
We want to know if the WCO will record motion beyond the 12 second clip like the other cameras.

Exactly. Record beyond 12 seconds to the SD card while motion is detected.

It’s simple, no it stops after 12 seconds…just like the V2 and the Pan if they don’t have CMC.

“and that’s all i have to say about that”

Since you seem to have a lot of concrete first hand information, let me see if I understand the whole picture…

When ‘left alone’, on or off grid, the WCO will record only 12sec motion clips. Nothing longer.

The cool down period between recording 12sec clips is 1 minute (instead of 5 mins like on v2/pan) ?

These 12sec clips are stored:

a) on the WCO SDcard, on or off grid, until overwritten

b) on the base station SDcard, when on grid, until overwritten

c) in Wyze cloud for 14 days when on grid

Off grid clips (do or do not) auto upload to the cloud and base station when WCO reconnects to internet?

The 12sec clips can be downloaded from the WCO and base station to the local viewing device just like 12sec cloud clips are now?

With user intervention you can do the more clever stuff - longer recordings, time lapse, etc

Re saving video off to the local viewing device for permanent storage - the time lapses and longer recordings are downloadable like the current 12sec clips, or must be played back and live stream recorded like the current SDcard recordings?



That’s not how the V2 and Pan work.
They record either all motion or continuously on the SD.
For example, they will record motion before and after the 12 second clip and motion that takes place during the 5 minute cool down.
The 12 second limitation is just on the cloud unless you have CMC.


1, 3 or 5 minute cooldown period. It’s adjustable.

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Yes, I have been a WCO beta tester for the past 6 months. I tested the last hardware/software configuration. There were numerous firmware and app updates. I will answer your questions as best I can. But, I will say I never tried using the camera in the “travel mode” and my camera was always connected to the base. I do not recall (and did not personally test) how the camera responded to motion if it was not connected to the base. That would be a good set of tests that I will try later. Thanks for the idea.

a, on grid - yes, off grid - don’t know (DK)
b, yes
c. yes
Off grid auto-upload of clips at reconnect - DK
Stored clips and recordings - can be saved to local device. I found if I do a manual recording, is saved to the album and my phone. The 12 second motion clips must be manually downloaded.
The answer to your last question is yes.
As angus.black mentioned, the cool down period has 3 settings: 1, 3, or 5 minutes.

Hope this helps.

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Yes! For me, continuous recording to the SDcard is the strongest and most essential feature of the V2. The 12sec clips are important bookmarks to quickly locate where to start reviewing the SDcard recording, but alone, they miss an awful lot, esp with the cooldown. Hence my frequent rants re getting better access to the SDcard. :rage:

Now that is good news! :slightly_smiling_face: