Outdoor Camera Fogs up

I received my outdoor camera last week. I have noticed several nights that when I use the app to see what’s going on outside, the camera view is just a grey mess with no objects being able to be seen. I have it just sitting on a post on my deck. I wasn’t going to mount it on my house until i figured out the view. We have had a number of nights with lots of condensation (dew) and wonder if this is affecting it. It clears up fine during the day but this situation ruins it for any use during the night. I just use the camera without any cover on the top, Thanks

That sounds like a warranty isdue.
Contact WYZE support.

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I have a similar issue in the early morning hours with my Blink XT2 camera, which like the Wyze Outdoor, is battery powered and is only active when motion is detected. I suspect that unlike the powered outdoor cameras, not enough internal heat is generated to prevent condensation on (or possible within) the lens.



How is it a warranty issue, when the poster said there was lots of condensation at night. It would be normal for any lens to fog up under those conditions. Just put some RainX on the lens.

I thought (s)he condensation inside.

The OP didn’t say if the condensation was inside the camera lens, just that the view through the camera was fogged up.

If the condensation is inside, it’s a warranty issue, if outside it’s Rainx.

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I am the master of the obvious. There is none better!


I have that hazing problem on couple other brand battery cameras, but not just a normal night, it has to be raining good or real foggy out


That’s the nature of the beast. The Wyze Camera Outdoor (WCO) is a PIR-based camera. It is basically shut off until the PIR lense senses a heat signature change which makes it turn on and record an event. Because it’s a PIR-based battery operated camera, that is usually in the “off” state, the WCO doesn’t build up heat … if you have a WYZE (or other non-PIR) V2 camera outdoors, go out and feel the two cameras. The always-on, pixel based camera will be hot to the touch. The WCO will be stone-cold cold. As a result, if condensation gets on your outdoor furniture or parked car, the condensation is going to get on the WCO. Same thing is true with frost, ice and snow. It does help if you have the WCO tilted down a bit, instead of straight on or up. Have no fear … as soon as the sun comes out, the WCO will clear up. It also helps reduce condensation issues if you mount the camera under the eves or porch, even under a tree branch!

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I have 3 WCO and they all fog up at night if it’s humid out. They are ALL protected from the rain and under a cover. They are pretty useless. They also barely ever record events, even when I drive my car in front of them or walk past them during dry daytime hours. I have toggled the detection settings and nothing helps. And I’m still really upset that I can’t record an entire event to an sd card. I’ve stopped recommending Wyze to others.

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Same here.

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