Outdoor Camera battery fully drained on arrival


I purchased two outdoor cameras during the initial offering and received them last week. I set up the first one a few days ago - it had about a 25% charge right out of the box. I just tried to set up the second one today, and the battery was so dead that the camera would not turn on - not even a blink from the indicator light on the back.

I’m in the process of charging it now, but I’m wondering if I should be concerned about the battery in this one since it was DOA. I definitely plan to monitor how fast it drains compared to the other one.

Thanks for your help!

Batteries are usually stored/shipped at 50% charge but discharge slowly from there. The 25% charge sounds normal, the 0% one may have been turned on accidentally and fully drained, or wasn’t charged to 50% before storage/shipping. Just charge it up and keep track of battery life, it will probably be fine.

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It probably drained due to FedEx holding your cams hostage. I had one cam @ 50% charge and my second at %20. My shipment was significantly delayed from the initial estimated delivery date. Maybe FedEx is doing it’s part to fight COVID by delaying shipments to ensure any trace of the virus dies if on packages.

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Mine is the same as yours one worked the other is dead and won’t charge or turn on I tried to contact support and get no replies it’s been 2 weeks or so I understand they are busy but at least they could respond that would be great

I think the hope is if they ignore you, you will go away and they can close the ticket. I bet it works more often than not.

Thank you for replying i can’t believe if they want to sell anymore cameras they would do this