Outdoor Cam - Working as Expected

I’m not here to disprove anybody’s claims their Outdoor camera experience is less than stellar. I just wanted to share a couple of unedited samples I took from my camera from yesterday. I would think this image is clear enough that if you know the guy, you’d recognize him. I did.

Anyway, if I wanted to, I could use the timing of the 12 second clip some are displeased with to go check the Playback for more detail. But with how I have my camera mounted, as you can see, the mega contrast in the light kinda hinders any further useful footage…at this time of day…again …because of how I have chosen to mount my camera.

Actually you can’t check the playback on the outdoor Cam as I understand it. That’s what people are complaining about. The Outdoor camera does not support continuous recording.


oooh, yeah, you are correct, sorry my mistake - I must have been looking at a different camera and thinking the Outdoor cam had it

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No worries, it’s the nature of battery powered cameras. Continuous recording and non PIR motion detection are tough on battery life so are almost never used.

But what it means is if you have a fast moving motion event your camera may not wake up in time to record any of the event. And without playback you will never know what you missed.

The Outdoor camera works fine for some applications you just have to be certain your application and location fits the cameras abilities.


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