Outdoor Cam with Cam Plus

Doesn’t help when you paid for a year in advance.

You can get refunded.

How do I get refunded? I bought 2 CamPlus “licenses” when I got the Outdoor Cam and it still doesn’t work on the outdoor cam. It DOES work on the V2.

Contact WYZE support.

It is supposed to work on V2 and the Cam Pan. I have a V1 and an Outdoor cam, and made the same mistake. I talked to support and they refunded my subscription.

It’s supposed to work on the Outdoor Cam now too.

Not quite yet, they are getting close to testing it though

Ah yes. When I checked with my phone I didn’t see the (Coming soon) under Cam Outdoor.

Screenshot_2020-10-20 Wyze Services

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Soooo does anyone know when Cam Plus will be available for outdoor? :smiley:

Hello @meaghanperceful and welcome to the community.

I know Cam Plus is coming for the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) but they have not given a firm date yet


Welcome to the Wyze community!
Cam Plus is now available for the WCOs with a simple firmware update!

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When the Early Access offer arrived for the WOC, did it initially indicated that CAM Plus wouldn’t be supported. Based on the reactions I’ve seen here and through other threads (it seems like it wasn’t)

I submitted a request with Wyze support asking if they could change the renewal date from 08/03/2021 to 11/03/2021 , since I purposefully didn’t activate it as I was wanting to use it for the WOC. The support agent indicated he made the request but it was declined because he was stated in the original FAQ for the device.

Just asking if anyone recalls. I’m not going to cancel my sub, because I glad it’s finally supported and eager to activate it for said device, but slightly disappointed that I’m missing out on 2 months of the subscription.

Initially CamPlus was not supported on the WOC.
In the CamPlus signup web page it showed V2, Pan and Outdoor Cam (Coming soon).

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I immediately purchased and activated CAM Plus on my outdoor cameras (4 of them) and it’s when I began having problems: Motion properly triggers the cameras, but all I get are 0-second events with a Wi-Fi upload failed error when I attempt to view any of them. I deactivate CAM PLUS and everything works perfectly fine afterwards.

Is anyone aware or experiencing this?

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have you tried power cycling the base and camera after enabling cam plus?


Install cam plus today and experiencing exactly the same thing. Also on wise outdoor camera. I have not power cycle base station.

That didn’t do it for me. The fine folks at Wyze will surely figure it out - CAM Plus just doesn’t seem to like the base station setup. I’ve since moved the subscription to my original V2 cams and that works beautifully. The outdoor cameras, however, I’ve requested an RMA because I can’t wait for a feature update to secure the perimeter.

Don’t mistake my poor review of their outdoor cameras - they’ll get it right in due time - and I’m honestly rooting for them. In fact, I’m on their store checking out their thermostat :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue here