Outdoor cam will not update firmware

I have tried going though support but the person I was corresponding with has fallen off the map. I’ve submitted a new ticket with log files in hopes to figure out what is going on. You see the cam reboot with the status light turning amber then back to blue but does not process the update and I’ve tried all the support tips more than once. Ticket number 37638

Welcome to the forums! Appears that the number you posted is the log submittal number, is there a different number you have for the support ticket? And what camera are you trying to update? Is it a WCO or a v2 or pan that is outdoors? And also what app version (beta/production?) and type of phone are you using? Thanks in advance.

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How is your camera connection ? if you live stream it for a minute, is the connection stable ?

connection is at max strength with no problem streaming. Its currently sitting about a foot from the base station since i haven’t been able to update it

The original support ticket number is 715274 and has gone dead with no more responses in two weeks.
I am trying to Update the Wyze Cam Outdoor. I am using the beta version of the app on Android and the production version on Iphone. I am using a pixel 4XL and a Iphone 8, both have the same respone.

Thanks for the info! Looks like @WyzeDongsheng has eyes on the thread here and hopefully provide some help and insight. A possible reason for the no response is that you are on the beta platform, which is known to be a work in progress. What app version number of the beta app? If you try the production app on one of the devices will it help this process work?

Support tickets that involve beta software are directed to the devs/engineers instead of the Support team as more of a bug report. The devs and engineers don’t reply, but rather take the info provided. I am just a user such as your self, I could be wrong but I’d guess this is what happened with your information. Also, the @moderators may want to move this thread to the beta section of the forums to keep everything beta in one place and issues don’t get confused with production stuff.

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Would be such the case if I could get the production firmware to update to .146, but it does not. There has been two beta releases of firmware after production and won’t take take those either. Also won’t revert firmware.

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You won’t get a response to tickets submitted about beta firmware or software. If you switch back to the release track and are still having issues with release firmware then you can submit a ticket that will actually go to the help desk.

Using release on another phone and won’t update and still no response from support. I’m trying to update to current release firmware.

Have you submitted a ticket from the other phone?

I have not. I submitted the initial support ticket from my computer. Took a week to get a response after posting on reddit. They responded for about a day never asked for logs and then stop responding all together. Been two weeks from thier initial email response. So I tried here, just punch sand at this point it seems like. But I’ll try submitting logs from that phone as well to see if I hear anything back

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Current production release software log number: 37969. On iPhone unable to update to current release firmware

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Fingers crossed!

Facebook has a Wyze group also and I have found them quite responsive

And a subreddit on Reddit. And of course here!

Yeah I started with a support message then hopped on reddit and looked for help there and got someone to respond to my ticket untill they just up and stopped after the basic TSing. Might have to try FB. You figure on thier own forms they would be more responsive.

I have also seen where frustrated customers have called them out on Twitter and gotten some attention that way.

I see that this support ticket was escalated at the time you stopped hearing from us but the next person hasn’t picked it up yet. Sorry about that! I sent in a request to the team. We’re closed until next Tuesday so you may not hear back until next week.

I apologize for not knowing how to resolve this issue.

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