Outdoor CAM rattling when shaken like something is loose

Got my new outdoor cam and not sure if its damaged or not but when you give it a good shake …the insides seem to move around in there and shake like something is loose. Is anyone experiencing that? Still works (still testing) but wasnt sure if that was part of the design or I got one that might have been damaged. Thanks.

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Mine do the same, although they work fine.

And welcome to the Wyze community! :+1:

Welcome to the Wyze community!
Mine doesn’t rattle.

Welcome to the Wyze community!
Mine doesn’t rattle at all.

It could be either nothing to worry about, a potential time bomb, depending on whether what is rattling around is non-conductive (a bit of adhesive or piece of plastic) or conductive (a bit of solder).

I would say contact Wyze customer support and get their opinion, and at least get the issue on record while the unit is still under warranty.