Outdoor Cam Pre-order cancellation FAIL

I pre-ordered and paid for 2 outdoor cams on 7-1-2020. I tried to cancel but was informed that I must wait until I receive the 2 units and obtain a pre-paid label to return the order for a refund my $120+. I’m becoming concerned that whatever changes may be happening within this once promising company are not for the better.

Really, they’re not letting you cancel the pre-orders? That doesn’t seem wise.

Yep, guess they think they need to hold onto my $120 as long as they can. Not a good sign.

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That’s certainly an odd way to do business? Unless they have no control over the shipping function which may well be the issue.

2 months in advance? Highly suspect.

Not as if they wouldn’t have anticipated the possibility of cancellations.

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Except it’s not two months in advance, it’s a week or two. Once we commit orders to our fulfillment partner they have a stop change date that is 4 weeks ahead of shipping. Basically the goods are on the boat and inbound to the partner, we never see them.

The partner has several levels of involvement we can choose from including one where we can cancel or alter orders right up to the label being printed but that costs a LOT more than the basic “fire and forget” plan.

I assume Wyze uses a similar process. It’s actually fairly common in the industry for product releases.


Thanks, rbruce, that is illuminating. I had imagined Wyze had containers or warehouses / 3PLs from which they reshipped to users.


I imagine they do that as well, especially after the early access round. Typically we only do the mass shipping of preorders. After that the normal fulfillment process kicks in.

The other thing to keep in mind, the US has a fairly unique unsolicited product law. And a lot of folks are aware of it and try to take advantage.

In essence if I as a merchant accept your cancellation and then somehow drop the ball and still ship the product to you, it is considered “unsolicited merchandise” and you can legally keep it at no charge.

Because of that if a merchant does not have total positive control of the fulfillment process they would rather process an RMA than take a chance on giving merchandise away.

As someone famously said, “It’s complicated”. :laughing:


Fair and helpful comments, all. Bob’s well taken. Perhaps it would be naive to hope a company clever enough to design products that can autonomously track and react could do similarly in logistics. Chalk and cheese? Maybe, but certainly not ideal.

Wyze I believe, like most companies, uses a 3rd party fulfillment partner, in fact I think more than one. It’s very common and typically very economical for all concerned.

That said I also believe in certain cases they don’t use a fulfillment partner. One offs, replacements, evaluation units, whatever. I honestly don’t know but I would be very surprised if they did not.

Judging by the shipping info on products I have received from them in the past I am pretty confident of that. But to be upfront I don’t actually know. For some unknown reason they don’t consult me on these things. :slightly_frowning_face::pleading_face:

I know it’s shocking right! :thinking:


You mean, “that doesn’t seem Wyze.”…get it? Because…never mind.



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This is definitely a poor performance by Wyze. I am very surprised that a pre order for a future product cannot be immediately cancelled id a customer changes their mind. If Wyze is listening, please immediately cancel my pre-order for the outdoor camera and provide a credit for $58.48. Also place something on your website allowing the same for all customers. There are really no excuses for this extremely poor customer service.

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I hope you had better luck than I’m having. I received the order and have made multiple requests for return and spent long periods on phone hold before giving up. At this point I have zero confidence in Wyze.