Outdoor CAM PIR does not record Person detection

How old is your “palm tree” WCO? What firmware version is on it? Was it a beta test model, or what does old mean? Right now “person detection” is done server side in the cloud. Your wco wakes up to a pir detected event and zips the video off to the cloud in the form of a short video. Some how that video is being put through a person detection algorithm in the cloud and then if it passes ( by either positive person identification, or a false positive person identification [leaves, shadows]), you are being notified about that in the form of a “person” event in the event tab.

When the ad says “captures people and animals”, I think that is referring to what the pir sensor is good at and designed for, not actually referring to “Person Detection”, the service.

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I got my palmtree WCO in August 2020.
It is reporting PERSON detection.

The two new WCOs I received today are just picking up any motion. I need the same PERSON detection “only” feature. I don’t need the other MOTION (shadows, leaves).

Can you go to your Wyze app, then go to account, then services. See if yo can select the camera there.

Look up each camera individually and tell me what firmware is on each one, are they all connected to the same base station, if not tell me the firmware on the individual base stations.

Edit: You are signed up for Legacy Person Detection, that currently does not support the WCO. They are working on it and I believe you have some beta firmware installed on one of them and production on the other two.

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All 3 WCOs have the same latest firmware

Base Station firmware

I have the latest version of the app.

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3 WCO cameras are missing.

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Wyze Outdoor Cameras aren’t compatible with Cam Plus yet. It’s currently in bata so hopefully it will come out soon.

I got mine in July. On Oct 10th detection changed. It had a cam plus trial and apparently when the trial ended, so did everything else.
I originally got person detection, now nothing.

Outdoor cameras are advertised by WYZE as “Capture people and animals” and “reduces false alerts from waving branches”.

What is coming soon is the complete recording and not just 12-second clips.

So how come it is not reporting PERSON alerts?

Here is their advertisement. See attached screen grab.

Mine has quit working also. The options are not even available in the app to turn on or off person detection in services. We need this back especially for outdoor cameras. It has been working great and then it just disappeared.

With latest app update mine still works, but both outdoor cams no longer show up on the services page.

The capture people and animals part means it will capture them due to the body heat, it does not specify it will notify you of a person, for that you will most likely need CamPlus when it becomes available for the WCO


Agreed and on the same page! Is says “captures people and animals”, not has “Person Detection” the service. If referring to the service, I believed the advert would have capitalized the words like it did with “Complete Motion Capture” a few lines down.

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So when I investigated further it stopped tagging person on the on 15th just as the OP said and is now only showing motion which I had turned off because I only wanted to know when a person was approching. I have now had to turn on motion to capture everything again. Not sure why they took the option away but need it back.

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I own two WCO and I agree that this type of marketing is deceptive. The wording and promotion of people detection would lead buyers who purchase these outdoor cams to believe that person detection AI is included in the purchase.

Besides that problem, a 45 second to 1 minute delay in trigger notifications is unacceptable for a camera intending to alert anyone relying on this product for surveillance.

I’m a huge wyze fan and supporter. I’m getting the doorbell camera and hopefully these issues in delay notifications and person detection algorithms are corrected before the release date.

There is an issue with delayed notifications on Android, also the notifications do not get sent until the video is uploaded, in the case of the 12 second videos the entire video must be uploaded. In the case of CamPlus I am unsure of when the notification is sent. The person detection algorithm is on the server and you need to subscribe to the Legacy Person Detection or CamPlus to get that ability. (Doorbell is not out yet so I am unsure if they have something different for that, but I would assume it to be the same)