Outdoor Cam lost 90% battery in one day

So in the problem camera, looks like the draw is “microSD card recordings”… do you have a card in the camera? what are your settings for timelapse or scheduled recordings if so? Looks like there is a drain somewhere that is sucking battery.

Yes, there is a card in the camera. There is no critical data on it. I can try reformatting the card. I do notice that the battery usage is down to 96% now. That is actually acceptable. Yesterday, the battery depletion was faster.

Recording cooldown is set to 5 minutes
Timelapse is not set. If it were, it looks like the default is duration and interval 15m, 2 s
The only thing set under “More” is Motion Tagging
I only use timelapse with my pan camera that is set inside and pointed out a window.

I am having the same issue with 2 of my outdoor cameras after the update. To test, after charging it, I moved it inside my house to a room where there is no motion and it drained just as fast. Dead in a little over a day. I pretty much stopped buying Wyze products as their quality is gone down. Very disappointed in them.
I got rid of my Arlo and replaced the outdoor cameras with the Wyze Outdoor Cameras because the Inside cameras connected quickly and worked pretty good. The Arlo’s were real slow to connect. The Wyze outdoor cameras are worse.

I had the same problem. Mine was the time lapse and scheduled recording was eating the battery. It got set somehow without me knowing it (update, maybe? If you go that portion of the setup and click on time lapse and then on End at the bottom (same for scheduled recording), it solved it for me.

I’m having similar problems after the last firmware update. Battery life went from 30+ days to 1 or 2 days. No cards installed in the camera or the base station, but Battery Usage shows 14 hours 25 minutes of MicroSD card recordings.

I am having the same issue with two of my outdoor cameras. The only way I can stop the battery drain is to turn off detection and record on detection. Basically making the camera useless

Wyze used to make good products. They have really been nothing but problems for the past year. Example Spotlights are crap, Door lock is unreliable and erratic, and the outdoor camera is horridly slow to connect (I dumped Arlo for the same reason) and now the battery lasts a day and a half even if I bring the camera inside and put it in a room with no motion.

Now the Android app is back to crashing every few minutes after a recent security update. I work in computers and app that constantly have issues with Operating System updates typically do not follow the published guidelines for app developers.

Sad, they could have really turned into a force. Now I would be surprised if they are anymore than a memory in 5 years or ess.