Outdoor Cam lost 90% battery in one day

The camera didn’t record a single event today and usually lasts several months in this out of the way location. Probably avg 3 events a day.
Not sure what’s going on??
It lost a bunch of battery the last two days, and then Last night I charged It, and it was full this morning, lost 90% on 10 hours.

Sounds like something is causing it to run continuously. That will drain the battery fast. Are you watching your camera all day? Normally it should be in low power, sleep mode until it senses motion and then powers up. This is the only way you’re going to have a battery last a few months instead of hours. It’s also why my main cameras are PoE cameras. I rarely have to do anything with them other than once in a while clean up spider webs. They are recording 24/7. I have one of these outdoor cams on the far end of my house where I haven’t run a PoE camera over to there yet. I’d like to put a couple of them over on that end in fact. I just haven’t done it yet.

The whole having to climb a ladder to take it down, plug it in for hours to charge up, and put it up again and re-aim it once again is a little annoying.

Maybe you have some event thing turned on with it? Something has just changed for you.

Thanks for the reply. I still can’t figure out what happened, since I only looked once and it should’ve been off 99% of the day. But I did Another power cycle on the unit, and tried resetting the “triggers”, and now it’s back to normal. Only lost 2% in the last two days.

That’s good that you figured it out. Wyze had just released a new update for the outside cameras and the base station. Cameras are now at and the Base Station is now at Not sure what they fix? Because they’re always behind on what these newest updates do.

I have a simular problem where my outdoors camera was working great for the first 3 months> I went to charge the battery when it was at 20 something percent charged up to 45% in 12 hours. After that I unplugged it from the charger while I was at work came back it’a at )% and won’t charge at all. Before I charged that camera I charges another size outdoor camera and it was fully charged in 4 hours. Waiting for a response from Wyze. The first response was just a copy and past from the trouble shooting page, which I did already. Looking for ideas to revive the camera