Outdoor Cam - Just So-So

Just installed the Outdoor Cam and it is decent but needs improving. The picture quality is great (as are the indoor cams) and no issues with it being installed over 30 feet from the router. The biggest issue is the Motion Detection on this item. You have to move the camera to meet the area you wanted covered. This is a big setback from the indoor cameras. I have one covering a door where package are left and by the time the person walks in the detection area im recording the top of their head. This needs to be updated otherwise it is useless. This may not be an issue when mounting in other areas for other things but for us it doesnt work so we had to put the camera in a non-ideal location to cover the area.

I had a detection zone concern. It was recommended that I look into how to position the WCO so that the zone was where I wanted it to be. So, I stood on my balcony and, with the WCO in my hand, figured it out. I used my cell phone to see the picture. I have the WCO upright, the mount turned on a angle, the pedestal moved up some and the WCO turned on the mount.

Keep in mind, you may need to have the WCO upside down or at a weird angle. You may need to have the mount 90 or 180 degrees different than it currently is.


I returned both of mine. 40+ second delay for registering and notifying of motion events is just laughable, and wireless range was terrible. I am in the process of converting all wyze cams to eufy 2k. The picture quality is far superior, person detection is included, live view loads immediately (no 3+second delay like on wyze) and free 2 week unlimited recordings included - no monitoring fee or other complications. They just work. Sorry wyze!

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