OUTDOOR CAM: In all my excitement, it's not for me

I liked the concept when I attended the webcasts and early release meetings. A wireless and battery powered outdoor cam. I just received mine, and indeed it is. However, the base station is not. The base station requires a wired network connection. That’s a deal breaker for me. I guess I was so focused on the camera, I forgot about the base station. In retrospect, it seems while the Wyze Outdoor Cam says it supports “Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n. 2.4GHz”, I could be wrong, but that support is between the base station and the outdoor cam and appears not to be configurable. So, unlike the tried and true indoor Wyze cam, the outdoor cam/base station combo is not wireless to your home network. The base needs a network wire. It also needs power, that I knew. Silly me, I bought a second outdoor cam which has yet to arrive. I don’t know if Wyze has a return policy for us early adopters, if not, I’ll be putting up my new base and two cams on an auction site to sell. I wish things were different.


Go get an item like the one linked below.

To me, it’s no different than having a wireless router, that’s basically what it is. All wireless routers also require wires (power cord and Ethernet cord to the modem or whatever else).

I mostly got the outdoor cam for all it’s other uses that don’t even require the base station. It will be very useful for traveling.

Still, I totally get your disappointment. It mostly fails as a security camera and it sounds like that’s what you primarily got it for. I’m sure you can get all or most of your money back one way or another posting it somewhere, explaining it is perfect for some people’s needs, just not what you were looking for.

Well, I was hoping it would have had that functionality built-in to the base station, allowing for either a wired or wireless uplink. That’s why it’s a deal breaker for me.

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And Wyze never said their cameras are for security purposes. Apparently they don’t meet the requirements for this.

Wow, for a second I thought you were defending Wyze :grin:

You can try using a WiFi extender and plug the base station to that…but yeah, it’s a hassle not to have a station that works on WiFi.

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When Wyze gets back to their roots and stop making so many sub par products, then I’ll support them again. But lately I’ve been extremely disappointed in their business model.

Sorry to come in late, but my camera just arrived today. The required wired connection is a large drawback, but I’m lucky enough to have a satellite that I can plug into.

How would you travel with this? Wouldn’t you need to bring your own router or have direct access to the router where you were for it to work?

put the cam in travel mode

Agree 100%. I did the same thing and didn’t realize I would need to supply wired power AND ethernet to the base station while making sure the camera is in range. The camera range is not that great which makes this extra difficult. Would probably need two base stations to cover the front and back of my house, which is not that big. I know doing wireless is not easy, but this really seems like a “toy” product. I’m very disappointed, probably end up using a wired V2 instead.