Outdoor Cam hardware

So did anyone else get their new outdoor Cam with no mounting hardware? Not a huge deal but disappointing when you are ready to play with your new toy and have to go to the hardware store :pensive:

@1freakineye Welcome to the Wyze community! You should have received 2 mounting screws and 2 plastic anchors with your cam. If you didn’t, contact customer support. The magnetic base pulls off the bottom of the camera for easy installation. See support article below.

Nope no hardware included

Can you share a picture of what you received? I’m sure it’s there as it’s stuck to the bottom of the camera by a magnet.

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You actually have to remove the inside box completely. After removing the camera and base (don’t forget to grab the EA sticker), flip the box over and open the bottom. That’s where the cables and mounting hardware is located. (I just opened mine yesterday.)

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Yes, the small plastic baggie with the 2 screws and 2 anchors are in the side pocket where the cables are. I almost missed them.

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Went through everything and tore that box apart nowhere to be found. Needed up at the hardware store.not a deal breaker just super annoying.

It is annoying. I’d still call CS to let them know. This is something they need to take up with the QC group in the assembly plant.

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I definitely did not receive the hardware screws. Checked all the pockets in the box and underneath the camera if they are stuck there.

And the screw hole is so small and could not find anything in my stash that would fit. Finally just drilled a screw through the mounting hole. Finding a screw took longer for me than setup and mount. Super annoying