Outdoor Cam Failed During Update

I was initially happy with the wyze cam outdoor until the update failed and not it will not connect at all.

what is the symptom of the camera? when you live stream, is the back of the LED light turn on ? what is the App screen look like ? just need some details to be able to help you.

I think your issue maybe related with the beta firmware. Pls refer to this thread for a short term fix. Thank you for helping testing.


The blue light on the base station never turns solid blue so the app never recognizes it, despite hitting the reset button (several times)

How do you remove the CAM Plus license when its the 14 day free trial? Its still causing an issue, the battery drain is corrected but it still doesn’t display any activity. All setting are correct and match up with my other 2 WOC’s other than it has the CAM license.

you can go to “account->service->cam p lus-edit” to remove the cam plus license.

I am a little confused by what you described -
If you hit the “sync” button on the base station, the base station will enter pairing mode, which is indicated by rapid blue/yellow flashing light.
If you hit the “sync” button by mistake, then just wait a few mins, when it times out, the base station will exit the pairing mode, and the light should return to solid blue.

No… I said reset button. The light just flashes and the app does not recognize the base station. It’s DOESN’T WORK! How do I initiate a return… It’s so frustrating! It worked fine. Then “updated” and turned into a brick. I just want thing to work. I’m assimilate that’s not too much to ask.