Outdoor Cam — Distance from Base Station?

But… but… I was going to set up a ring of thousands of Wyze cams to film Matrix fight scenes in the back yard… :sunglasses:

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Hey @sodcam, if you can talk Carrie-Ann Moss to show up for the shoot wearing her tight Matrix outfit, I’ll help with the production! :rofl:


Are others seeing 300 feet out in open air with no walls between base station and camera?

I have a sheltered place outside I can put base station attached to CAT 6.

I’m trying to hook this up to my parking space at my apartment building, but the problem is that there is another building between my place and my parking spot and the signal can’t reach. :confused: would an extender help to connect it, or do you think I’m SOL since there’s a whole other apartment building in between?

What access do you have to the building between your apartment and parking spot? If none… really a non-starter.

i did the test for this. on a real world scenario. I was able to get 70 ft with two external walls and 5 internal walls without any notification delay and live steaming issues. At 75ft, i start having issues with live stream first and sporadic notifications.

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That’s actually pretty impressive, Even if the walls are all basic stick construction, I would have thought there would be problems with that many walls. So, I would guess that if could move the base closer and reduced the number of walls, you would be able to move the camera further away.

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