Outdoor Cam β€” Distance from Base Station?

How far away can the base station be from the outdoor cam(s)?


I thought I saw up to 300 feet with a clear line of sight. However, it really depends on how many walls the signals have to pass through and their construction. Personally, I got out to about 100 feet with no issues. (Any farther would have put me in the neighbors yard.)
I have a standard stick walls.

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Hey! That’s what I said. :laughing:

But it wasn’t β€œofficial”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’ve made me hopeful about my incoming outdoor cam. I had never thought of being able to out the cam on my barn which is ~150’ away. But now I am certainly going to experiment with it. I have lots of CAT5 cable to move the base unit around if need be.

Should be fun!

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You know, half the fun of Wyze products is playing around and seeing how far we can push the specs. :grin: