Outdoor Cam detects motion ONLY while live streaming

Looking for assistance and/or advice in getting my outdoor camera to record motion events and send notifications.

I have an outdoor camera located about 35 feet from a sidewalk that I would like to detect motion on and send a notification. This outdoor camera does not detect people walking on the sidewalk.

I watched the video Wyze posted in this forum on outdoor cam motion sensing and notifications.
These settings are enabled on my outdoor camera:

  • Event recording: detects motion enabled
  • Notifications enabled: motion events and low battery
  • Detection settings: distance set to Far (100), sensitivity set to high (100), detection zone on, only sidewalk areas enabled

What I find strange is that while watching the live video from the outdoor camera and I see someone walk by, I will receive a notification and be able to view the recorded event.

I have never had any issue watching live video. The app connects to the camera every time.

How do I know that someone walked by and I didn’t get notified? I have a v3 camera that also captures the sidewalk from a different angle.

This video from the v3 camera did not result in an event capture on the outdoor camera:

Seems simple enough that the outdoor camera should sense the motion, record the event, and send me a notification. But it doesn’t, unless I happen to be watching the live video.

This might be at to far of a distance for the pir to catch the movement and wake the camera up. If you wave your hand close infront of the camera when you arent live streaming or connected to it, does that trigger motion?


The PIR detects the motion when the camera is live streaming.

Why wouldn’t that same motion wake the camera up?

The camera uses the PIR sensor to wake up as @Omgitstony said. The notification pictured is a Wyze AI (person) notification, not a regular motion notification.
When the camera is woken up by the PIR sensor it will record and send the video to the Wyze cloud and (in your case) AI. The AI will only work when the camera is woken up. In this instance the camera is already woken up by the livestream so the AI is able to “look” at the video and send a notification for a person.
Have you tried waving your hand to test the PIR sensor yet?

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