Outdoor Cam Charging Issues

Has anybody had any issues charging the Outdoor Cam? Initially, I did not know that the Cam had to be charged using the base station, so I had it plugged into an outlet. It would not charge. Then I plugged it into the base station and the Cam will still not charge, however, my others will charge. Does anybody have a similar issue?

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Does the red light come on, then flash when the camera is charging? If not, what voltage was the power supply and outlet that you used to change it in the first place?

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I was using the wall wart that came with the Wyze Outdoor Camera.

The WOC (Wyze Outdoor Camera) did not come with a wall wart, just a charging cable that was meant to be plugged into the base to charge it.

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My additional outdoor camera also came with a 120v to 5vdc adapter to charge the camera and it does work.