Outdoor Cam Battery Drain

The really ridiculous part of this is that the battery usage shows it was fully charged and that <1 minute was used for live stream. All other indicators show 0 minutes. Yet the battery is DEAD (0%).

Just sent support an update about what I did.

Another reply from support. Since all of the WCO’s are less than a year old (a couple of mine were pre-ordered and received late Sept/early Oct, 2020), I suggested they just replace it as it appears to be an issue with certain batches (or a single batch). I say this because only certain ones are effected by this issue. I have 2 others and share a third with a neighbor and the other 3 don’t have this issue at all and all are on the same firmware/base station firmware. So it appears to be hardware related.

They also asked if it had been dunked in water or had leaked. I told them no as it has never shown evidence of any water inside (nothing under the silicone seals when I charged it) and it is mounted under an eave on my shed.

I just sent the all the info they needed to prove my purchase. Looks like they may just replace it.