Outdoor Cam Base wont stay connected

Recently received my outdoor cam and cant seem to keep the base station connected. Using a google WiFi router for the Ethernet and the base seems to go yellow after a period of time and doesn’t reconnect.

Anyone else having issues with the base staying connected?

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I’m using power LAN adapter because all the ethernet ports of the router are already full (why the hack all manufacturers think that we have hundreds of free ethernet ports and require wired connection even in 2020…?). I think it’s a failed design, but at least my connection through the ethernet cable is stable, but the wireless range to the camera is very very very limited

I don’t get that either. I understand that there are dozens of 3rd party routers out there - but the vast majority have whatever their cable company gives them and that’s usually no more than 4 ports if that. I work in IT and have multiple switches and so on throughout the house - but I’ll bet I’m a tiny minority of the potential customer base for this product. Plus in the admittedly limited time I was willing to lose messing with it the base station wouldn’t connect to the network through the switch closest to where I would like to use it and A) it’s a decent brand-name switch and B) I’ve never had the slightest trouble connecting anything else to this switch.

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Yep - thanks bro. I mean I can understand to have a base as an option to extend the wireless range (even though repeaters are available for $15) , but at least it should be implemented as with the Blink XT (means wireless). The most embarrassing thing for Wyze is that all my cheap Chinese battery operated outdoor IP cams are using directly the WiFi of the router and have much better wireless range and better battery runtime without a base. Crazy.

I did a power cycle last night and after sometime the base reconnected. It took about 2 hours to disconnect again after that. Let it go overnight and it was still disconnected this morning.


Wow crazy … mine is also still having problems - even when the base shows 2 (TWO - out of 3) bars connection.

I’m having the same problem. The base connected and then when I try to connect the camera the base light turns yellow. How do I fix this?