Outdoor cam base station to support all Wyze products

It would be great if we can link all of the Wyze products to the outdoor base station instead of using the bridge device in the back of the cam.

Don’t bet on it. :frowning:

It would have been PERFECT if this new base station served as a bridge for all the Wyze sensors and maybe the lock and doorbell. I don’t see that happening.

We are having hub discussions but I don’t think the outdoor camera base station is equipped for all of those products. I could be wrong, though. I’ll tag this as “maybe later” in the meantime. :slight_smile:


I just want a Central “hub”/dvr for my cameras. Instead of connecting them directly to WiFi I would like them all to record to a hub with like 1TB of storage. This way if any camera gets stolen I don’t have to worry. I could connect the hub to the internet to view the footage. This would also reduce the amount of cameras connected to my WiFi

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Wyze base station is great to expand wireless coverage along with backing up notifications
it make sense to have it support Wyze cam v2 and pan to have unified backup solution, and it can still be restricted to 4 cams only

also if the base station have integrated 5Ghz wireless client interface that can be used to connect to home wifi will give more mobility to the base station to place it near by the outdoor cams?

the SETUP button on Wyze cam V2 and Pan can be utilized as SYNC button to join the cameras to the base station, if this technically not possible then i would consider this for the Wyze cam V3?

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I could not agree more to the above request. The only other thing that I like to add is that you should be able to configure the wifi channel on the base station.